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  • Hyper-Lobby

    Last night me and Squid played on HL on the 169th server. I was playing on it over the weekend but didn't have a wingman. 169th host a server with no labels on and require players to stick with the default loadouts.

    Squid and I stuck with the Eagle and had some success in engaging the enemy. You do learn a lot playing against other players and dogfights are a lot of fun when you get into one. Of course at present the Eagle is probably the worst AC for acquiring targets but it is one of the most manouevreable (stupid word). When the next patch comes out we should see more eveness.

    I did fly the Su27 and 33 before squid came on and they are a lot easier to acquire targets. The helmet sight is a deadly advantage too but with practice, all pilots should be able to make the most of their planes. Each has strong points.

    Playing without labels is actually bloody good. There was a lot of comms between squid and I and you learn to use the radar properly too. Our first flight was a tight formation with me scanning low and Suid scanning high. It's a lot more reassuring when you have a wingman scanning a different section of sky and it also means your scans combined are more intense.

    Unfortunately that was our only flight together as we had a load of spawn killers flying over the base and shooting us whilst we were on the ground or taking off which was unfair to say the least.

    However it does highlight that MP without labels can be a lot of fun and it makes you work for your money.

    You can DL hyperlobby from here but you don't need it to connect to servers. All HL does is list servers that are up for different games (IL2, F18, lock on, etc). Once you have a server IP you can connect in the normal way.

    HL is used primarily as the interface for online flight sim gaming over Ubi's own. 169th server is primarily TvT but there are other servers that host missions goals.



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