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  • Joystick problem

    I've done a quick search of the forums out there and am not finding a cure to what ails me.

    I have the trim up/down buttons mapped to my logitech extreme 3d joystick. The rudder controls are also mapped to the twist axis.

    When playing Lomac, after a WHILE...30-45 min. these controls stop responding. Pitch and roll work on the joystick, and some other functions mapped to buttons still respond, but the rudder and trim controls do not. These functions still work if I use the keyboard. This never happens except after an extended period flying. Shutting down the mission and restarting fixes it.

    ¿Que est su problema LOMAC???

    If anyone knows what is up with this, I'd appreciate a hint! :)

    P.S. oops, I just restarted and the rudders worked right at first but then stopped responding again? Could something in the joystick be pooping out?

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    Re: Joystick problem

    There are joystick issue with lock on that the next patch should sort out. However if you're joystick is programmable (i.e. you can map buttons to keys on the KB) then use this feature.

    My Sidewinder pro won't fire the cannon at extended length because of this bug. The wheel brake doesn't work too good either. But it's not too important as I'm using it for flying only as it stays steady.

    My X45 on the other hand - all my functions are mapped to keys - so button 5=W, 6=B, Trigger=Space. I never have probs using this except the rudder won't quite stay centred.




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