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  • VBS2 opinion, videos, and screens...

    OK, I said I wasn't going to review VBS2 (Virtual BattleSpace 2) and I'm not... but I have had alot of people/readers asking me what it is, what it contains, and what I think of here it is MY OPINION...

    Be Warned, I will say it now and forever, I do NOT believe any gamer should spend the required 1500 US bucks on this or any "professional grade" simulation. It's NOT for gamers, more for diehards, fanatics, military trainers and trainees, and crazies who easily blow 1500 bucks without batting an eye, tho I would NEVER tell my wife I did it. lol

    Virtual BattleSpace 2 (VBS2) is the follow up to VBS1, which was/is a military grade simulation of air, land, and sea small unit combat. It is from BI Studios, which is the same makers of the most excellent Operation Flashpoint and currently Armed Assault.

    Military's from around the free world use VBS to train soldiers in a simulated computer battle. VBS1 was made available for civilian purchase I'd say about a year or so ago, and is still for sale I believe, at least according to there web site.

    I bought VBS1 for 1000 US bucks, it contained 12 land masses, tons of add-ons, and a bunch of already included, excellent missions. It also contained the excellent AAR (After Action Review) module and the Instructors module.
    Instead of going in to details, you don't need or may not be interested in, here's the link to VBS1, and where you can purchase it. (again, I do not recommend gamers buy either version of VBS, OFP and ArmA do the just perfectly for alot less money.)

    VBS2 was just released, and allowed to be sold to "serious gamers" for a limited time... time for what you want to know...

    VBS2 has been revamped and renewed... it doesn't contain much, heck hardly anything but the tools... it came with 4 land masses, the 2 from Armed Assault (exact same ones), and GreenZone Baghdad and AS Samawah.

    These 2 maps are pure BEUT-T-FUL IMO, I got tons of great mission ideas for these two maps, but is it worth it for a half dozen users, lol.

    Check out these 2 videos of a fly over of the land masses. (recorded with fraps, at 1600x1200x32, with everything on high... Believe me, when NOT recording with fraps it is alot smoother and more draw keep that in mind...

    Sweet huh, how you like the ending in the second one. ;)

    VBS2 doesn't come with any already made missions at all, except for 2 simple training missions, an obstacle course and a weapons range... just a good 10 or so demo missions would of been greatly appreciated.

    It comes with a bunch of add-ons, mostly for the AU units, US Marines, and Insurgents... but it also has a bunch of (game) units, all the add-ons and missions and stuff from Armed Assault can be used and played in VBS2, of course you can't connect with a AA server via VBS2.

    VBS2 comes with the old, regular style mission editor, and a new cool feature, a real time editor. It also comes with a built in AAR tool, where you can record the mission as it unfolds, save it, then watch it in AAR view...sweet, but IMO I thought the VBS1 AAR module was better and more stable... I've personally had alot of lock ups in the AAR recording and viewing modes.

    Here's the VBS2 web site, and where you can buy it at. (Again, not recommended.)

    OK, what better way to show you VBS2, but with screenshots... here you go:

    Open screen:

    2 training missions, heck the manual says theres 4, where are the other 2:

    Weapons range, any and all weapons can be tested:

    Javelin, love the weapon system:

    Vehicle interaction, pick your spot:


    Hey mates:

    4 land masses, 2 test missions i made:

    Oh ya, the Library, (in the US version of ArmA, and in VBS2):

    Could really use this in ArmA:

    My graphics settings, get around 60 fps when NOT recording with fraps:

    The GreenZone:

    The real time editor:

    Placing units:

    Markers and waypoints:

    Real Time Editor in 3D mode:

    Preview on the fly:

    Line formation, ready to ambush:

    The Bad Guy:

    Watching the AAR replay:

    As Sam:

    And finally, a short video of gameplay action:

    Conclusion: IMO...
    As a gamer do not buy this product, waste of money, stick with Armed one years time alot of the add-ons and features of VBS2 will be in ArmA... not all of them of course, but alot of the needed/necessary ones.

    IF you must, I would suggest VBS1 over VBS2... VBS2 is alot prettier and more technical, but VBS1 is a time tested product with 12 land masses, compared to 4, at least 20 included SP missions, and 20 MP missions compared to...well 2 training missions. And it already has a working AAR and instructor tool. Not to mention 500 bucks cheaper.

    VBS2 is damn pretty, and incredible tool... but still needs cleaning, and missions, and 1500 bucks, thats 40 plus times Armed Assault which is just as good.

    BUT, if you have to and get it, make sure you let me know... we got a team of 6 that have VBS2 already, the more the merrier.

    The end.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.



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