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New mod coming out at end of november

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  • New mod coming out at end of november

    Hey all. I havent been posting recently so now i will. There is a new mod coming out at the end of november called Alternate Universe Mod by Samurai Studios. It sounds like a real cool mod although it may lag a bit due to all the crap they put into it. Here is a quick teaser on some of the weapons for the new mod.

    New Canada technology
    Dragonfly cruise disruptor
    using the newly discovered power of an ancient power source called E-115 recently discovered in the vancouver system. E-115 allows much greater energy outputs than MOX or Hfuel, but its a relatively rare element, and the Xeno's have a tght lid on supply

    lvl 4 CD
    Range 12000 Speed 7000
    dmg 300 hull, 300 shields

    Damselfly Cruise disruptor
    Technology shared with Kazak scientists. while not as refined as the Dragonfly, it is still very potent
    lvl 3 CD
    Range 9000 Speed 6000
    Dmg 250 hull 250 shields

    NC-4a "Tincalli" advanced Xeno particle cannon

    Using a E-115 power resonance chamber, this particle cannon is cappable of smashing thru shields and hull of your most hated foe.
    Lvl 10 "special" particle gun
    range 750 shot speed 750
    Refire rate 4.00
    Energy drain 90
    Damge 800 hull, 600 shields.
    This weapon is most effective against graviton shields and least effective againts positron shields

    Kazak Technology
    Using shared research from New Canada has resulted in some very potent anti-warship and anti-bomber torpedoes

    Starskip Long Range torpedo
    range 30000, refire rate 0.5, speed 1000 turn rate 1.5
    Dmg 30000 shield dmg 1

    Locust Anti-bomber Torpedo
    Range 10000 Refire rate 1.0 speed 300 turn rate 1.5
    Dmg 200 shield dmg 20000

    Zoner technology
    Advanced Scanner
    radar range 10000
    scan range 7000

    5 New Bounty Hunter Weapons:

    Name: Brave MK3
    Hull: 101
    Shield: 50
    Refire: 4
    Speed: 650
    Range: 650
    Class: 6
    Drain: 30

    Name: Gunslinger MK3
    Hull: 60
    Shield: 30
    Refire: 8.33
    Speed: 700
    Range: 649
    Class: 7
    Drain: 45

    Name: Winchester MK3
    Hull: 90
    Shield: 45
    Refire: 5.88
    Speed: 700
    Range: 649
    Class: 9
    Drain: 81

    Name: Reaver MK3
    Hull: 210
    Shield: 105
    Refire: 8.33
    Speed: 700
    Range: 649
    Class: 10
    Drain: 120

    Bounty Hunter Special Class 10 Weapon:

    Name: Warrior MK3
    Hull: 900
    Shield: 500
    Refire: 3.03
    Speed: 700
    Range: 649
    Class: 10
    Drain: 196

    These are actually some nice i said it may also cause lag (not good during battle 0

    Ok, this is a list of all the Playable Factions in the Mod.

    Liberty,Tag: [LIB]
    Bretonia,Tag: [BRN]
    Rheinland,Tag: [RH]
    Kusari,Tag: [KU]
    Kazak,Tag: [KZ]
    New Canada (Replaces Xeno's. Description to come later),Tag: [NC]
    Hispania (This combines Corsairs & Outcasts. Description to come later), Tag: [HN]
    Coalition, Tag: [CLN]
    Pirate Cartel (This faction will merge the Rogues, Molly's, Hackers, Hessians, and a few more into one Pirate Faction.), Tag: [PIR]
    Bounty Hunter, Tag: [BHG]
    Mercenary, Tag: [MERC]
    OFC with each Playable Faction i am sure you will want to setup your own squads. when you do, you will need to add your squad tag in with the faction tag, here is an example:

    ok, now for some Sub Faction types. Each House/Government will have the following subfactions:

    Corporate Traders, Trader Types - Tag: CRP. Example: [LIB-CRP]Hobbes
    Military/Law Enforcement (Navy or Police) - Tag: MIL, Example: [LIB-MIL]Hobbes
    Privateer (Regular Faction Citizen, or vigilanty so to speek) - Tag: PRV, Example: [LIB-PRV]Hobbes

    Exeptions to the above:

    Coalition does not get CRP or PRV. See Below.
    Hispania does not get CRP. See Below.

    Additional Sub Faction Types for Coalition & Hispania

    Security (Faction Security Force) - Tag: SEC, Example: [CLN-SEC]Hobbes
    Raider (The Traders, well sorta like traders :p ) - Tag: RDR, Example: [CLN-RDR]Hobbes

    The role and rules of each faction and sub-faction will be further described in the mod/server rules when we finish them off.
    ok some new updates on the factions that will be playable in the first release.


    This faction will not be avialable in the first release. This being that we are trying for authenticity based on Starlancer and the ships are taking longer than expected. So they will not be in the first release.

    Bounty Hunters Guild, Freelancers, Mercanaries

    These 3 factions have been merged into one. the Freelancer [FREE] will be the base tag, however for those interested in being a Merc or BHG use one of the following tags:

    Bounty Hunter Specific: [FREE-BHG]
    Mercinaries: [FREE-MERC]

    Now for the goals they want to reach for the new mod.

    Add the following new factions:
    -> Hespania (Brings Outcasts and Corsairs togethor)
    -> New Canada (Replaces Xeno's making then a major House)
    -> Coalition (From Alliance/Coalition War)
    -> Kazak (Former Russian Disidents From Alliance/Coalition War)
    Make All capships available to play
    Enable hidden fighters
    enable large frieghters and transport trains
    Create House specific Small & Large Frieghters where needed
    Incorporate Docking/Morring fix for large ships
    Give each house fighters in the following classes, creating where needed:
    Starter Ship, Light Fighter, Interceptor, Heavy Fighter, Very Heavy Fighter, Light Bomber, Heavy Bomber
    Create a new Civilian ( [FREE|TRADE] ) only ship series.
    Replace The Starflier as the default new character ship
    Give Each Major Housethe following Capships: Dreadnaught, Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer, & Gunboat for each house where needed
    Add Tons of new commodities both legal & contraband
    Add New wrecks at random locations
    Create pirate class Cruiser & Gunboat capships.
    Add New systems for each new house, and give existing houses 1 new system each

    they also have the following in mind...

    Territory control system ( In War territory changes hands often, This will be a set of rules to govern this)
    Faction Buyable bases
    Factions able to colonize and settle sytems.

    as you see this mod is nuts but it could turn out to be pretty neat

  • #2 canada are replacing the xenos and i believe the corsairs are gonna be replaced also..but by who i dunno yet




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