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    I know theres only a handful of VBS2 users out there...and finding MP games is still almost impossible... but I have been collecting and hosting missions from other makers, and my own collections...since there so hard to find right now...

    The best place to find the latest and greatest is on my personal web site:

    but for the lazy, heres a few direct links:

    Evolution by Kenbow for VBS2
    I have completed my VBS2 version of Evolution 3.0. I not a big Evolution fan, but I really think this mission kicks ass. Alot of work hours put into it to convert it and make it work with all the scripts.

    Here are some of the changes...
    All BLUFOR have been converted to ADF;
    AI soldiers that you can spawn to join group are ADF AI;
    All new vehicles for ADF at airport;
    Also, A US Marine base nearby has available Marine vehicles;
    A nearby Army base has Army vehicles for use;
    An evacuated NZ base in Corozol has NZ vehicles for use;
    All hand-held weapons are available from the start;
    Most ground vehicles available as private, corporal for LAV-25, and sergeant for M1A1;
    All helicopters available at Lt.;
    Jets available at Captain;
    You get more AI soldiers at higher rank (ie Colonel gets 9 AI units);
    Added new "visual" features at base;
    ( I really wasn't going to use rank at all, but Sgt and Lt doesn't take long,and it prevents the masses from all running for that attack chopper)
    Vehicles without mounted weapons respawn at base, Vehicles with mounted weapons that are destroyed will then "respawn" at same loc as damaged vehicle needing repairs (50% armor, 0% fuel).
    Any AI soldier is available at anytime. For example, as corporal, you get one AI, but you pick any of them... AT, Sniper, Spec Ops, etc.
    No addons required;
    I recommend playing with the 500 lives option on;
    Southern Star CTI by Kenbow

    Kinda just like evolution but no rank system... it also contains the one add-on needed, the add-on goes into your ca/addons folder NOT your VBS2/addon folder... and of course the missions all go into the VBS2 program group/mpmissions folder, NOT in the MY DOCUMENTS missions folder.

    VBS2 mission pack (clean)
    This is the Armed Assault training missions, SP missions, and MP missions all in one zip for VBS2. (put in your mpmissions folder within the game folder.)
    VBS2 mission pack (extra, or shall we say, dirty)
    This is the same files above plus about 30 extra missions tested and approved by me for VBS2 use. (put in your mpmissions folder within the game folder.)
    Test missions (notice that these go into the MY DOCUMENTS/mission folders)
    This is a pack of test missions for VBS2, they go into your documents/vbs2/mpmissions folder.
    There...that should get any VBS2 owner started... if you have missions made for VBS2 and would like a place to share them, message me... also, it's nice that ArmA missions can be played in VBS2, but I sure would like too see more unique missions made for the 2 extra land masses we get in VBS2... a couple of squad sized co-op missions in those areas would be nice.
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    Re: VBS2 missions...

    Can I ask why you don't just play ArmA more? There is no problem in finding people to play. The server is pretty damn active, we had it maxed out last night for couple hours.

    Well, actually since this cost so much more, Is it more fun to play? I don't know what it offers that ArmA does not have?


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        Re: VBS2 missions...

        talk about reviving a dead thread.... 2007 hero.
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        We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.




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