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WTS-World Systems and Homeworld Ships mod

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  • WTS-World Systems and Homeworld Ships mod

    WTS-World Systems and Homeworld Ships mod is the new mod for the TG server... This is a HUGE mod and is extremely stable.. So this mod will be here for a while.. It has TONS of new ships, weapons and skins and universes.. so you will be here a while checken out all the new stuff!

    We also implemented a new server manager so we should be in GREAT shape! I am very excited about this new server.... So get to it !!!!

    If you have the Mod Manager installed procede to the next step... if you don't install the Mod Manager FIRST!

    After download the mod double click it for it too self extract to the mod manager. Then activate the mod inside the mod manager.

    You can download the mod Here

    You must use this mod with the Freelancer Mod Manager! You can download that Here

    If you have any installation probelms post here and I will help! Diablo and Ranger also have it installed and know what to do if there is a problem.


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    8) Thanks alot I downloaded it and it works great .. After seeing some players of Freelancer I decided to dust off my copy and re- install .Diablo help me alot thx guys SEE U IN SPACEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! Later . Brooklyn.


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      He is addicted now and sayss its all my fault ? lmaooo
      Was that Diablo flying that helio ?


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        Oh man... why'd I have to go and buy this thing. Get ready to be shot by a friendly, cause I bought it. <sigh>
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          I hope there will be a newer harder mod on the server soon.


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            Yea wts is ok but easy to make credits on but it is a very stabile mod and that is what matter plus it has the ships most of our player base wants.
            So when we find a sabile mod with the ships we want or they actually make rebalance stabile I don't actually see another mod comming up ..well that is unless FM and big B finish the mod they had been working on ..:-)
            Was that Diablo flying that helio ?


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              well that is unless FM and big B finish the mod they had been working on ..
              The massive amout of time it takes to make a mod.. The events that are going on in my life. And the simple fact that one misspelled word or a chrachter out of place would keep the game from running made me lose intrest... It also seemed like everything we were trying to add was already in 500 other mods. I still have all the files and a very large world already built if some one would like to take it over..
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                i may volunteer but it depends.




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