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VBS2 update coming next week...

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  • VBS2 update coming next week...

    For the handful of us who have VBS2, a new update, (well actually another completely new install) is coming next week... check out some of the new features coming...SWEET...

    ***** VBS2 1.18 Release *****

    This package will install VBS2 v1.18.


    This is a completely fresh installation of VBS2. No previous installation is required.


    Run the setup file, follow the prompts. If VBS2 has been previously installed, you will be given an option to uninstall it prior to installing the 1.18 version. You must install the 1.18 version to an empty directory.

    Major Changes from version 1.17:


    * ADDED: User mode and -autoassign disables ability to change slots in a network session
    * ADDED: Download AAR files from servers
    * ADDED: Basic slingload simulation
    * ADDED: Pause in network sessions
    * ADDED: Simple helicopter flight model (activate through difficulties)
    * ADDED: Ability to carry the personal weapons on back
    * ADDED: Battlefield clearance (ability to drag injured or dead soldiers)
    * ADDED: Damaged models are shown in a darker color
    * ADDED: Object viewdistance can be changed (on Options Screen)
    * ADDED: Maximum terrain and object viewdistance can be set through cfg file
    * ADDED: Ability to lock onto own laser designator (e.g. AH1z)
    * ADDED: Disable AI voices through difficulties
    * FIXED: Autoassign now works with OME missions
    * FIXED: Improved AI behavior
    * FIXED: Improved ship simulation
    * FIXED: No random assignment on network mission screen startup
    * FIXED: Increased crater lifetime
    * FIXED: Convoy trainer bug, when getting into vehicle
    * FIXED: Laser designator now works correctly over network
    * FIXED: Gunner can select targets as well
    * FIXED: Actions are not shown on mission start
    * FIXED: AI move correctly in SAFE mode
    * FIXED: Ability to place dead units into vehicles
    * FIXED: Network code improved to fix simulation precision problems at greater distances
    * FIXED: Smoke and impact effect were sometimes not visible in network sessions

    Configuration files

    * ADDED: lodTurnedIn and lodTurnedOut for turret definitions
    * ADDED: UTM info in map config
    * ADDED: Fired eventhandlers for cfgWeapons
    * ADDED: AmmoHit, AmmoExplode eventhandlers for cfgAmmo
    * ADDED: PartHit eventhandlers for config and scripting


    * ADDED: New command reference in Docs folder, with all 1.18 commands
    * ADDED: GetObjTexture command
    * ADDED: commands for AAR statistics
    * ADDED: attachto command supports slingloads
    * ADDED: setOrigin, getorigin for LVC_Game
    * ADDED: SetObjTexture "#reset" will reset the texture to default
    * ADDED: allowMovementControlsInDialog true/false allows key and joystick input while dialogs are open
    * ADDED: collisiondetection returns all objects in a given ray
    * ADDED: FireLaserPointSimple/ Advanced sends LD PDU to LVC Game
    * ADDED: PartHit eventhandlers for config and scripting
    * CHNGD: Extra parameters added to fired eventhandlers


    * ADDED: Ability to 'lock' objects into place via context menu
    * ADDED: Ability to 'snap to surface' via context menu
    * ADDED: Ability to move objects below the ground (Above Ground context menu item)
    * ADDED: Flashing light indicator for RTE/OME mode, warning message when starting RTE from within OME
    * ADDED: Debug/developer console (view menu)
    * ADDED: Ability to 'nudge' selected objects using alt key + w,a,s,d,x,c (also numpad)
    * ADDED: Ability to pause in RTE (view menu)
    * ADDED: Editor "remembers" last used values for ieds, triggers and artillery
    * ADDED: Name field for IEDs (backwards compatible)
    * ADDED: Artillery can be directed to given grid coordinates
    * ADDED: Condition filed for artillery
    * ADDED: IED disarm time panel when placing IED
    * ADDED: Ability to link artillery to triggers
    * FIXED: Object placement is now saved correctly, and relative positions are saved after copy/paste
    * FIXED: Slow loading times and lag related to object tree refresh have been reduced
    * FIXED: Artillery arrows show correct colour on clients
    * FIXED: Various artillery fixes
    * FIXED: Improved picking of objects in editor in 3D
    * FIXED: Camera up/down speed is the same as fwd/back speed
    * FIXED: Units can be revived by right clicking on object tree (previously this was not working)
    * CHNGD: Improved artillery with more realistic type selection and more impressive effects
    * FIXED: Init occurs on all computers now
    * ADDED: 'Quick-add' panel available in RTE and OME, located under existing help tab. Allows objects to be added quickly by left-click
    * ADDED: AAR statistics during AAR replay (located under help tab)


    * ADDED: unit rank is now visible in mouse-over HUD info and command bar (currently only USMC ranks are available)
    * ADDED: New BLUFOR: USMC EOD bombsuit personel, 3 new NZDF ball cap variants, new gear loadouts for all organizations
    * ADDED: New OPFOR: Taliban fighters with random clothing, new gear loadouts for IQ insurgents
    * ADDED: New CIVILIANS: Afghani civilians with random clothing, and angry civilians that throw stones at whichever side Independent is allied to
    * ADDED: New INDEPENDENT: Media person with ballistic vest
    * CHNGD: improved, more expressive facial mesh for BLUFOR units. Avatar mouths now move when using VOIP
    * CHNGD: new faces particular to country's ethnic mix
    * CHNGD: various gear loadout changes
    * CHNGD: retextured nzdf heli pilot & afv crew (wood & des)
    * FIXED: added updated face mesh to all BLUFOR whose face can be clearly seen -- give blinking and basic expressions
    * FIXED: broken hands/proxy of USMC rifleman
    * FIXED: Numerous model tweaks on all models
    * ADDED: Battlefield clearance ability to drag wounded and dead soldiers and load them into wheeled vehicles


    * ADDED: Object draw distance slider into the advanced options

    * ADDED: German Shepherd Bomb detection dog, keeps in formation close to leader, finds IEDs, barks at them.


    * FIXED: soldiers don't stand up and run forward, when being shot at
    * FIXED: smoothed various animation transitions


    * ADDED: smoke launchers for all armored vehicles; improved smoke effect
    * ADDED: New BLUFOR vehicles: various AU static air defence equipment, GMV w/m134
    * ADDED: New OPFOR vehicles: new technical variants, BMP2-zu23, variant T-72 ammo loadouts, su-27
    * ADDED: weapon recoil and ammo belt effects for most vehicles
    * ADDED: magazine cargo to OPFOR vehicles.
    * ADDED: helo doors now open and close upon get in and out
    * ADDED: all vehicles have Clan-Signs and URN-Faces now
    * ADDED: afterburner effect on jets
    * ADDED: Slingload script objects; place them near helicopters or cargo, and they will take effect after mission start
    * CHNGD: copilot positions for helos, able to see same HUD info as pilots
    * CHNGD: vehicles become visibly darker when damaged
    * CHNGD: improved mass distribution / handling of helicopters


    * ADDED: Almost all VBS2 (not game) buildings are now enterable. Many new ladders added
    * ADDED: TCW objects (a large collection of Iraqi objects). These are NOT created by BI, and come "as is", with no support from BI
    * ADDED: Various popup shooting targets. See the scripting FAQ on the forum for more info on advanced usage
    * ADDED: Appropriate footstep sounds for all buildings, depending on surface type
    * FIXED: Some AI pathing issues
    * FIXED: Visual improvements to many objects


    * ADDED: New OPFOR weapons: AK-74 w/PSO-1 scope, AK-74 w/GP-25, RPK-74, silenced AKS-74u, silenced Makarov
    * ADDED: New BLUFOR weapons: Steyr Aug carbines, Colt m1911 pistol, M14 DMR, Mossberg m590 and Benelli m1014 shotguns with an assortment of lethal and non-lethal ammunition, buckshot shells for m203
    * ADDED: Flashbang grenades, effective agains players and AI. Effectiveness depends on distance and obstructions to grenade, as well as how confined the room is. Known bug: they do not work in some buildings
    * ADDED: Stones for civilian rioters to use. They aren't very deadly but can knock victims to the ground on occasion
    * ADDED: Shellshock effect from nearby explosions; strength of effect depends on the type of ammunition used, distance to explosion, whether the player is prone, and vehicle player is in
    * ADDED: Minimum arming ranges for all launchers
    * ADDED: Models for weapon magazines when placed on ground.
    * ADDED: A simple method to disarm IED's. Currently any player can do this, regardless of unit type
    * CHNGD: empty tubes from disposable launchers are now discarded after use
    * CHNGD: muzzle flashes for weapons are now visible during the day, and more visible at night
    * CHNGD: Weapons with iron sights / aimpoints, when in optics mode, can be zoomed out to standard 1st person FOV levels by double-tapping "-" [num]
    * CHNGD: Increased all weapon dispersion, especially for Gatling guns
    * CHNGD: Improved flight characteristics of missiles / rockets / recoilless weapons
    * CHNGD: AI is no longer as good at locating / returning fire on shooters
    * CHNGD: Different ammo types now have their own gear UI picture, for easier identification
    * CHNGD: M1A1 apers shell now fires all its pellets at once; gatling cannons fire more bullets
    * CHNGD: Made recoil more manageable during automatic fire for rifles; slightly increased recoil for mgs
    * CHNGD: Minimi / m249 can now use m4/m16 magazines
    * FIXED: Improved precision of weapon iron and aimpoint sights
    * FIXED: Some weapons with bugged aimpoint optics
    * FIXED: Steyr green colour


    * ADDED: Prison - a very small terrain area featuring various MOUT improvements being developed, including breakable/enterable windows and breachable fences
    * ADDED: Porto - a new island from the commercial game; larger than Rahmadi but still small. It includes a small town
    * CHNGD: 8 digit grid now displayed at high zoom levels


    [email protected]

    VBS2 Website:

    VBS2 Support Forum:

    Copyright 2007 Bohemia Interactive Australia
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: VBS2 update coming next week...

    Friken Tease!...

    Do you think that it will be Comparable to "ARMA 2" or OFP 2? I doubt the LATTER... since I think they are developing on consoles also... I think OFP2 will be kinda a GRAW like deal... ('sniff..).. I just wonder how may of these they are selling at this price point.. Or are they using the Govt, Commercial entities that buy fund the development of their next release of a commercial game??
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      Re: VBS2 update coming next week...

      No... VBS2 is just like ArmA, with more weapons, vehicles etc etc... and it gets updated more often...the gaming group of VBS2 are pretty much test monkeys for the full military versions... and they have stated the the military that buy there products are there bread and butter, the gamers who buy VBS2 are just a bone BI Studios has thrown us who demanded it.

      Actually IMO not VBS1 or VBS2 is worth the cost for a gamer, that said I'm glad i have my copies... now SB Pro PE for 120 bucks... now that is well worth the price of admission, again IMO.
      Magnum |TG-18th|

      We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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        Re: VBS2 update coming next week...

        SB Pro PE - Steel Beasts Pro?? I will have to check it out... I never did the commercial Steel Beasts...
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          Re: VBS2 update coming next week...

          it's out...for those who have it...

          Not in the latest version, but work in progress...
          Magnum |TG-18th|

          We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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            Re: VBS2 update coming next week...

            Some screens from the new update:

            The press, bomb squad...and my favorite, K9:

            K9 team, it's what I did in the Army for over 10 years, (and doing now,lol):

            Working guages:

            The prison, a small map:

            Porto, (the ArmA QG add-on island, now in VBS2):

            Ramp controls:
            Magnum |TG-18th|

            We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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              Re: VBS2 update coming next week...

              If I am reading the page right, this thing is $1500???
              When you can't run, you walk. When you can't walk, you crawl and when you can't do that, you get someone to carry you.


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                Re: VBS2 update coming next week...

       are probably right... Not for General Consumption!
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       where did I put my keys?




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