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  • VBS2 hot fix 6 out...

    for those that have can get the new v1.18 and the latest hot fix (6) over in the user forums...

    ***** VBS2 1.18 HotFix 6 *****

    This package will install VBS2 v1.18 HotFix 6.


    VBS2 v1.18.


    Run the setup file, follow the prompts.

    Fixes to version 1.18:


    * FIXED: Random CTD in MP due to incompatibilities between AI radio protocol and 8 figure grids
    * FIXED: CTD that may have occurred in MP when an AI commander was killed and a human player was driving the vehicle
    * FIXED: (HF6) LaserShot shot velocity differs based on screen area shot
    * FIXED: (HF6) Helicopters don't land anymore to unload troops
    * FIXED: (HF6) #restart in dedicated server does not work
    * ADDED: (HF6) Floating text display feature: "DisplayText" scripting command
    * ADDED: (HF6) Controls to toggle vehicle throttle mode: implemented difficulty option
    * ADDED: (HF6) New dedicated server command - exitall - that closes all clients and the server

    LVC Game

    * FIXED: Fixed issue related to out-of-date DIS.dll that may have caused a CTD
    * FIXED: Bug introduced in HotFix 2 that prevented LVC Game from operating


    * FIXED: Scripting errors related to synchronizeWaypoint command are now fixed


    * FIXED: UAV Camera works once again
    * FIXED: Occasional error message regarding ME_TOP_ca_2.paa
    * FIXED: AI/Nobody toggle switch on MP role assignment screen now effects a new editor mission correctly (if NOBODY is selected the unit is not created)
    * FIXED: (HF6) Empty markers (resulting from invalid groups) are deleted automatically at start of mission
    * FIXED: (HF6) All objects are now created at correct height in OME/RTE (certain game objects such as Fortress 2 were created above the ground)
    * FIXED: (HF6) It is no longer possible to switch into dead units (prevents possible CTD in MP)
    * FIXED: (HF6) IEDs can now be rotated like other objects (right click, shift and drag)
    * FIXED: (HF6) Dead player units that are dragged into vehicles can be revived by right clicking on the tree
    * FIXED: (HF6) Revived units will correctly reappear on client RTE stations now
    * FIXED: (HF6) Units rotated in RTE will stay facing the new direction that they are rotated


    * FIXED: Friendlies no longer attack you if you kill friendly units
    * FIXED: Battlefield clearance - Dragged units should no longer switch into the incorrect animation while being dragged
    * FIXED: Battlefield clearance - Wounded and dead may now be placed into any vehicle including game vehicles
    * FIXED: (HF6) Battlefield clearance - Destroyed vehicles no longer offer the option to place bodies in them
    * FIXED: (HF6) Dog will now follow AI master correctly (recently introduced bug)
    * FIXED: (HF6) Dog will find IED when running past an it after being issued a moveto command beyond where the IED lays.
    * FIXED: (HF6) A dog that has no master or has an AI master will stop at IEDs while enroute to a waypoint.


    * FIXED: Broken smoke dischargers for LAVs
    * FIXED: Broken ASLAV RWS interior view and gunner positions
    * FIXED: NZ NH90 / mag 58 cargo and gunner positions
    * ADDED: Stryker vehicles
    * ADDED: Horn for wheeled vehicles. Honking the horn can cause AI units to move out of your way, depending on your speed and direction of travel.
    * FIXED: Occasional error message regarding proxyman.p3d
    * FIXED: (HF6) Missing textures for desert MTVR's
    * FIXED: (HF6) Mk-19 and AGS-30 no longer knock over game vehicles
    * FIXED: (HF6) Certain Game (ArmA) vehicles reported error and failed when attempting to board into a commanders slot


    * CHNGD: Reduced deflection of bullets.
    * CHNGD: Increased damage of large bullets/shells .50 cal -> 30mm
    * CHNGD: Increased effective range of flashbangs
    * FIXED: Preview pics for 40mm flares and aks74u
    * FIXED: PKM was unable to use dim tracers
    * FIXED: Strings for gp-25 grenades
    * FIXED: MP issues with m1013 rounds
    * FIXED: Problems with gatling guns on helis shooting themselves
    * FIXED: Battlefield clearance and non-lethal round conflicts
    * ADDED: (HF6) Bodies can be loaded into all vehicle types
    * CHNGD: (HF6) Bodies are loaded into cargo slots in reverse order (back to front)
    * FIXED: (HF6) Ordering AI to drag wounded would cause the player to suddenly be holding the wounded
    * CHNGD: (HF6) Game AT-4 is now disposable
    * FIXED: (HF6) Script error for non-lethal rounds hitting civilians
    * FIXED: (HF6) Non-lethal & buckshot m203 rounds were using the wrong muzzle flash effect
    * ADDED: (HF6) 5 new IEDs; preview pics for all IEDs
    * CHNGD: (HF6) removed shellshock from small IEDs
    * CHNGD: (HF6) IED's can now be detonated by the setDammage command (iedName setdammage 1)
    * FIXED: (HF6) name field for IED's now works properly
    * FIXED: (HF6) significant improvements to IED disarming:
    - disarm no longer aborts when you are unarmed
    - you can attempt to disarm IED more than once
    - prevented more than 1 disarm attempt at the same time
    - on-screen text updates the entire time you are disarming
    - changed icons for disarmed IEDs and fake ieds


    * FIXED: (HF6) All pipes are now crossable, by both users and AI


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