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    As Lock On is a combat flight simulator, we should simulate a little of how real pilots perform. This set of operating procedures should be used when playing to make the game more immersive, and to give our missions more structure rather than leaving it with a feeling of “Air Quake”.

    Brevity Codes.
    There is a list of brevity codes on the forums and these should be used whenever possible. Brevity codes were designed to minimise comms traffic and relay information much more quickly.

    Squadron Leader
    A Squadron Leader should either be picked or self-assigned. The SL’s task is to designate pilots to flights, go through the mission briefing with the team and coordinate the attack.

    Mission Briefing
    This should be gone over in detail, paying particular attention to mission objectives, threats, no-go areas and land marks to aid in the spotting of objectives/targets. The SL will assign targets/roles to pilots, designate holding areas/patterns and basically make sure that every pilot knows what he is doing.

    Taxiing, take-off's and landings should be performed in the correct way. Contact tower for instructions for which runway to land/take off from. Ordnance should be set to 'safe' when in friendly airspace.

    All aircraft must land at either the home base or bases designated in the briefing. A10’s do not land at the nearest airfield available to them. Only crippled aircraft may perform emergency landings.

    Check back here as I may make some changes. Also if you would like something added (or amended), send me a PM.
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