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  • Infinity - Space Simulation MMO

    This incredible game became known to me a year or so ago and it's been gaining major improvements and updates.

    Check it out

    It's quite innovative and extremely exciting IMO.

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    Re: Infinity - Space Simulation MMO

    Finally some screenshots! I've also been watching this, but for about 2 years when all they had was a website with mainly text and plans on the direction they want to take...

    I do have to say that the new direction isn't what I was hoping it would be. I got the impression that they were creating something similar to Freelancer (a fight/3rd person space sim) instead of a space-sim RTS.

    I played the Infinity Concept Prototype (here). It might just be me, but the concept demo had very poor graphics, even for late 2006. I played for about 45 minutes, plenty of bugs, but the concept led me to think it was more about fighter vs. fighter combat (like Starlancer, Freelancer), than a RTS sim.
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