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    Never thought I would be posting about a hunting game, but here it is. I have never gone or had the urge to hunt IRL. I saw this on fileplanet the other day and thought what the heck.

    The Hunter is a free to play (you can pay for upgrades etc) hunting simulation. This is not a run and gun fps, you move slow looking for tracks, poo, listening for calls etc. The thing that gets me is how real it seems. They did a great job on the graphics and sounds, you really feel like you are out in the woods.

    Its a great thrill the first time you see a deer off in the distance, then he runs away cause you are used to playing games where you run in guns blazing. You have to get used to a MUCH slower pace if you want to get a kill in this game.

    It has an online community and keeps tracks of you kills and other stats. Give it a try, its free and only like a 400m download.
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    Heh, just sit in a tower and spam the call. EVERYONE comes close to you.
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