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so is this Citie: Skyline really that good?

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  • so is this Citie: Skyline really that good?

    Selling like hotcakes, and reading nothing but great reviews on it... but how is it from the people I trust... is it overly difficult and full of micro-management, like I think it would be? Whats your thoughts on it?

    I like the idea of Steam Workshop support, already some excellent mods out there.

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    Re: so is this Citie: Skyline really that good?

    Hmm the TGers who played SimCity with me have pretty much all bought into it. I'm somewhat on the fence though since it has no sharing capabilities between players (what SimCity pegs as "multiplayer"). From what I've heard, there are still some bugs that need fixing, but the game is like 3x more playable than SimCity was on release. That's a lot.
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