Hi Fellas,

Looking for 4 more players to go pro using the following 3 basic principles and compete in TI6's (The International 2016 - its the 6th = TI06) qualifiers next year, and then depending on success in TI06 itself.

Dedication: Looking for those who are or want to get serious about Dota2, and take it to pro level. With dedication to improving my own game play, and game play of the team based on composition.

Communication: treat your teammates with respect, leave the rage & leetness behind. Help your teammates by providing and Accepting constructive criticism with dignity & integrity.

Coordination: Dedication and Communication will help sharpen and refine the coordination needed to win, however, further learning and improving this skill from the loses.

I can play a carry or a support, prefer support. The 4 others would be carry/support/jungler etc.

Specifically what I have in mind: practice at least 4 times a week 5-7 hrs a day, Friday through Monday (would be adjusted based on needs of the team). Being realistic, since I work for a living and have other responsibilities outside work (as other do). I can be further reached at [email protected] or leave a comment in here if you are interested.

Thank you.