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  • HW2: Point Defense Systems

    Pretty sure not a repost...

    Anyway, this mod just draws me in over and over again. With each new patch the battlefield is completely redefined. Yesterday's tactics don't work today. Truly an evolving game, new units are added and old units are beefed up constantly. I picked it up at 5.0, and since then the DD-class destroyers have been upgraded to CLs, light cruisers. And in 6.1, the HBC battlestars have been deployed.

    The gameplay itself is very complex, as the mod is meant to model actual naval warfare. A game in vanilla HW2 took less than an hour at most. Now I'm finding myself in 2-5 hour battles, picking my battles instead of rampaging everything, learning to lure out aggressive cruisers into attacking an auxillary cruiser and bombarding from the side with a frigate flotilla.

    All in all, very addicting game. Only gripe is that it's resource heavy. Easily twice as many computations needed for Newtonian flight models, guided weapons, point defense guns, and the about 1000 explosions and 300 missiles/rockets/nukes flying around at any given time in a decent-sized battle.

    Wondering if anyone is up for some tag-teaming against expert AI or one-on-one.

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    Re: HW2: Point Defense Systems

    I'll have to dig out my HW2 disc. PDS and Genesis (?) are two fantastic mods for this game.


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      Re: HW2: Point Defense Systems

      I need to reinstall HW2 for this and the clone wars/galatic civil war mod.
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