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    Back in the day I used to play the original MAN. My biggest beef was simply finding people to play a quick pick-up game with.
    Recently, they came out with a more developed version with new units, bigger maps, and slightly quicker play. Game seems to run a bit smoother also.

    Anyways, this is one of the most entertaining turn-based strat. games I've ever played. The games can be short (20-30 mins), or engagingly long (months even; email notifies of turns). U can play 1v1, 1vAI, or team games over an entire world. HUGE clan battles are quite common.

    It's definitely got a "chess" feel to it as the battle areas usually arent that big and u spend a lot of time actually counting moves and spaces, thinking way ahead etc. All in well-textured 3D graphics with explosions, effects, and so on. Even an AI voice in the background to help you through.

    The pinnacle of it ALL is that MAN(2) has ALWAYS been free to DL and Play. You can run yourself through the tutorial, which is really well done, and then jump into the Network (complete with chat, channel managers, stats, etc.) You can attain a certain ranking (which takes a while to do) and play on beginning worlds only but that's more then enough to get a feel for the game; you could actually only do this and never have to pay.

    If you decide to buy in, you get a seat on the network which opens up the entire game. they have big tourneys all the time.

    Anyways, I may double-post this (dont get mad) in the strat. game forum also to see if anyone is paying attention. Hehe. It's definitely an entertaining game, and playing against or with fellow guildies over TS would make it even moreso. I've got a couple of people to DL it. Try it out, heck it's free.



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