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Monday March 1st

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  • Monday March 1st

    It's a monday, and that means we need to play savage =P

    We'll plan on it being on the Demo server, as Retail can play alongside demo and Not many people have savage.

    You will need the latest demo (2.00) to play, If your a supporting member of TG you can find it in the downloads area, otherwise you can find it on:

    File Planet
    Adrenaline Vault

    and if none of those three work for you, you can go to the Savage Website and find your own link =)

    I would like to see as many people from TG playing as possible with this new demo out. The game had been lacking alot before the 2.00 demo but now hopefully It can catch some peoples interest.

    I'd say that around 6:00 Eastern Time we should try for. Nows a great time to try it out If you've never played before, or to get back into it if you used to.

    Hope to see you there!

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    Re: Monday March 1st

    Demo users also have a occasional 60 second respawn times and guilt messages. So if you like the game, buy it to get rid of those two annoyances!

    I'll be there on Monday... if I'm not playing around with modding stuff.

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