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  • Rome: Total War Alexander OUT NOW...

    The 2nd expansion pack, first being Barbarian Invasions, for the much loved Rome: Total War strategy game has been released, titled Alexander...

    It's a buy online and digital download only from Sega, 15 bucks... I'm not much into strategy games, too much thinking and clicking, but I love the Total War series, so downloading now, 460 mb's...

    Just FYI for others interested.

    Nice, not bad for 15 bucks... just played the first Historic mission, minor defeat... I suck at these games but love the battle type and a big history buff.

    An entirely new campaign map that stretches from Macedonia to Greece and into the heart of the ancient Persian Empire
    New campaign game that tasks players with matching the exploits of Alexander the Great as he swept across Central Asia and dominated the Persian Empire
    Four new factions including the Macedonians, Persians and Indians
    Over 25 new units, including Alexander's own renowned historical troops
    Historical Alexander the Great campaign with six new historical battles that unlock sequentially, telling the story of Alexander and providing a historical backdrop to each of the battles
    All-new movies to support the Alexander campaign, with professional voiceovers by actor Brian Blessed (Alexander, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
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    Re: Rome: Total War Alexander OUT NOW...

    ^^^^Now I should probably know this but what was Brian Blessed doing in Episode 1.

    I unfortunately can't buy this right now. I have too many games and not enough time. I blame this on the World Cup.
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      Re: Rome: Total War Alexander OUT NOW...

      Im a huge fan of the TW series and have bought them religiously since shogun. The thing that always lets the game down in my opinion is the silly unhistoric units they scatter about the place. I know there is some precedence for flaming pigs /wardogs/huge purple giants but it always irks me a bit. Ive already heard talk of cannon carrying elephants for MTW2.

      I will inevitable buy this at some point but im not sure how much play i will get out of it. I mainly play the Rome Total Realism mod which tweaks the gameplay and units to much more of my taste. The skins are gorgeous and not so bright and cartooney. You also get to have much more protracted battles unlike the rapid engagement and one side quickly running vanilla seems to result in normally.

      Itll be nice to get some fresh content but itll probably just sit on the shelf after an hour or two of play like BI did until the Total realism team make their changes to them both. :)

      If anyone is getting tired of their normal game give RTR a try. Its the best mod i have ever played for a game and changes the play to a dramatically more realistic environment.


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        Re: Rome: Total War Alexander OUT NOW...

        Brian Blessed was Boss Nass in Episode 1. Big, fat guy.


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          Re: Rome: Total War Alexander OUT NOW...

          Love the TW games.. but just can't afford the time to play one. Thanks for the tips.




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