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  • Joint Task Force

    Mateo had posted links before during a few of his weekly update threads. I stumbled across this game on gamespot today and thought to drop it off here. Looks pretty good, a bit gamey but there is definitely a lot of explosions and destruction.

    JTF site - real site this time
    JTF gamespot
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    Re: Joint Task Force

    The first one is a link to the lordz Napolean site, but the gamespot link looks nice.


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      Re: Joint Task Force

      One of the RTS games I am looking forward to.
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        Re: Joint Task Force

        I love it it's fun Strategic and at the same time everything is available through a $ resource commander.

        You have to plan out your attack with the available information given to you, and then proceed. I still havenít figured out how to capture or fix equipment but there is an engineer. Not sure if thatís what he was made for but I saw a wrench Icon so I deduced that you can fix equipment.

        The follow Icon through me for a loop didnít know it was an icon for follow it looked like a link up icon not follow.

        I like the graphics the gamey feel of the colors, I think a great change from the other sepia colors is good, thereís no blood but the rag doll is in effect. Maybe they'll change that I'm betting they have it but they took it out.

        I canít find a forum on this in Serria or the other companies HD, MWE who made it. I used the icon to take a sat photo on the second mission how do I view it?

        Are there Smoke grenades?
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