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  • Dicewars

    DICEWARS is a rather simple online RISK type game. You start on a random map with a random position as purple. To attack you need to select a territory with at least 2 dice. You then select a neighboring space you want to invade. If your dice roll a higher score all but one of your dice is moved to the territory you attacked. If you roll equal or lower than the defender you lose all of your movable dice. Each time you take a territory you leave one of your dice behind in the previous province. You also cannot shift your dice around between your territories they can only be used to attack. At the end of your turn you receive reinforcements (dice) for the number of adjorning territories you hold (if all your territories are full your reinforcements will be carried over for when you do need them).

    Its a pretty simple game where the outcome can really turn on a single roll of the dice but there is still a good bit of strategy involved. I recommend it if you are looking for a quick game to play. You can play against 1-7 AI opponents.

    I like it because the random maps can give you a different game. Sometimes you are the superpower from the beginning because of your starting position and you can take some risks while at other times you have to turtle up your position until the right moment where you unleash your dice. But there is always the element of chance that can bring down all of your plans because you didnt get a good dice roll. The one game I have lost so far was because my chance of winning hinged on me being able to secure a peninsula. When my army was wiped out during an attack I lost control of the peninsula and then proceeded to lose.

    edit, you can also watch an instant replay of your game after you win/lose.
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