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  • TripleA: Axis & Allies Clone

    During the late 80s and early 90s, I spent hours upon hours playing the board game Axis & Allies with several of my closest friends. In 1998, I purchased the video game version of this classic and thoroughly enjoyed being able to play against others online. However, I disliked the 2004 version that changed its format to real-time strategy and moved onto other games.

    While browsing a local toy store this holiday season, I found Axis & Allies had been revised and expanded by Avalon Hill to include new pieces and a more detailed map. This brought back many found memories of the epic battles I engaged in while playing this game, so I decided to search the Internet for a patch to make the 1998 PC version compatible with Windows XP. During my search, I stumbled upon TripleA, an open source clone of Axis & Allies.

    A quick search of the Tactical Gamer forums revealed several references to Axis & Allies, so I figured there may be some interest in revisiting this classic with a few fellow members. TripleA is free to download and plays exactly like the board game version.

    If anyone is interested in playing Axis & Allies using TripleA, please let me know.

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    Re: TripleA: Axis & Allies Clone

    never mind i got it. i changed my post. hey wanna play a round. im new at this but know the rules. i think it would be fun!
    Ace of spads


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      Re: TripleA: Axis & Allies Clone

      I've played a few games now and its great fun!

      Though I seem to be doing something wrong. I keep losing everywhere. :(