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  • Theater of War screenshots...

    Yep, full version that will be released this Friday... (Reviewers copy, didn't steal it. lol)

    Just a short time with it so far, but a good, very "tactical" type game... kinda like the classic Combat Missions series, but not turn based...but that pause button sure comms in handy, lol...


    Field of view and proper range, something rare in battle games:

    Sent in snipers to flank the men manning a gun:

    I take over the gun and destroy a enemy tank:

    Then I take over a tank and destroy a squad and light car:

    Calling in artillery:

    Calling in air support:

    Thanks boys:

    Victory on my first tutorial mission:

    Think a mix between Combat Mission and typical RTS games, with pluses and minues... more later in my review.
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    Re: Theater of War screenshots...

    This looks amazing.
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      Re: Theater of War screenshots...

      is there a demo out for this yet?


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        Re: Theater of War screenshots...

        I've been a fan of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord for quite some time and I've had my eye on this game. Looking forward to your review.
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