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Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War --- Compendious Strategos

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  • Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War --- Compendious Strategos

    This thread is dedicated to discussing all strategies and tactics Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War. This is not a thread for discussing balance, bugs, pet peeves, etc. (one of my own habits that I shall seek to control here). Nor is it a place to boast of one's victories and conquests. We can always create a DoW Smalk Talk thread later. :row__593:

    Let's talk about our ideas, what troop and asset deployments we think work well and what don't; about what areas of the maps are key to gaining victories and why; about early-game build orders, especially on a per-race basis; about interactive building and resource sharing between allied groups, and so on.

    Replays are especially welcome if they demonstrate the topics being addressed in one's post. For those who are unfamiliar with viewing DoW replay games; once saved, they are stored in the "Playback" folder of your game's directory, described below:
    "..\WH40K - Dawn of War\Playback" - or -
    "..\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\Playback"
    The actual saved replay files are not stored with the same name you gave them in game when you saved them and may be renamed to whatever file name you wish afterward without any data loss. Replays are initially stored using the following format,
    Thus, a file named "8P_BURIAL_GROUNDS.2007-05-03.05-39-20.rec" would have been an 8 player game, played on Burial Grounds on May 03, 2006 at 5:39:20am. When sharing a replay, please format the link to the uploaded (offsite) file after the following convention:
    "[Expansion/Game_Title Version_Number][MaxPlayers - Teams_Played with winning/losing team indicated][MapName] - Short description - ReplayDuration"

    Eg. "[DC 1.20][8p - SM+Nec>2v2v2 "Hard" AI][Burial Grounds] - Map dominance with control of center at mid-game - 29:16."
    The example might be read like, "This replay was created using WH40L: Dow Dark Crusade version 1.20 in an 8 player game, wherein a Space Marine and Necron team were victorious over a 2v2v2v2 skirmish (with/against a "hard" AI opponent) over contested territories at the Burial Grounds [snip] and took 29 minutes, 16 seconds to complete." It also links to a real replay that I uploaded ;)

    To play a downloaded replay, extract the contents of the zip file into one of the directories above (game dependent) >> start DoW (or DC) >> Click Skirmish >> Click Load Game >> Click Recorded Game >> select the replay from the list that appears >> DBL click the replay or click load >> enjoy the show. The buttons in the command area allow you to pause the game, adjust the replay speed, lift the Fog of War, and switch team views. Replays are not backward or forward compatible with other versions of DoW or DC, so please be specific about the DoW flavor and version number used when the replay was created.
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    Re: Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War --- Compendious Strategos

    [DC 1.20][8p - SM+Nec>2v2v2 "Hard" AI][Burial Grounds] - Map dominance with control of center at mid-game - 29:16." (Using the same replay I provided in the example above.)

    Queue 2 scouts and a servitor
    Queue barracks and a power generator
    Scouts capture Strategic points and Relics.
    Queue Space Marine squad and Force Commander. Marines to rally point at a crater (heavy cover) near the Relic. Chapel barracks to rally additional troops on the first SM squad once it is completed.
    Overwatch production of 2 more SM squads (turning overwatch off once the 2 second unit in the queue is completed for a total of 3 SM squads).
    2 builders complete work and build listening posts at all captures SPs.
    Research Squad Cap increase.
    Queue 2 more servitors, an armory and an Assault Space Marine squad to round off my early troops and proceed up the tech tree from there, map and battle conditions determining my priorities as I encounter them.

    One of the key things that I feel is important to winning a DoW game is being aggressive right out of the barracks, always pushing the front lines outward from my base toward the enemy. Denial of access to requisition resources (Strategic Points, Critical Locations, and Relics) and limited map control (areas where light and heavy cover can be found – craters, tall grasses, etc.) is what will win the game every time.

    The Tau were the first opponents encountered and I engaged them in melee combat whenever they didn’t have Kroot squads on the field. Imperial Guardsmen were next and I would normally melee them in CQC that early in the game as well, but I had positional advantage over them in a nearby crater so I left my men to engage them at range. In both cases these enemy units encountered early fled the scene and I made it a point not to allow my troops to pursue since they would surely have been lead into a listening post with upgraded turrets or other defensive buildings and certain death. I would secure what real estate I had already before moving out in force.

    The Tau would fall before the might of my Space Marines, but one early mistake I made on against the Tau was not to produce any Skull Probes (detector units) the moment I knew I was up against them. I lost a full scout squad and probably more SM health than I should have to a Tau Stealth Suit Team who were taking free pot shots at me because I could not see them (they are cloaked).

    With the Tau out of the way and their resources claimed for my own, I secured the center of the map, a resource rich area of the Burial Grounds and a good place to set up forward base positions (makes travel time shorter and sending reinforcements easier) and worked my way up the Tech tree, all while building more troops and heavy equipment and setting up defenses at the central map choke points. No army would take me by surprise or the central map uncontested.

    I left 2 of the Slag Deposits for my power-needy Necron ally to build Thermoplasma Generators over. The two Critical Locations I took for myself for the Requisition bonus. Share key resources!

    With the intel that I and my AI ally had gathered, I knew that I was up against disparate armies composed mostly of Heavy Infantry, the Imperial Guardsmen notwithstanding (mostly normal Infantry). I decided the best equipment for my SM squads would be Squad alpha with 5 flamers to break morale, Beta with plasma guns as a good counter to Heavy Infantry, and Charlie with rockets to knock down buildings and vehicles.

    One last thing to note is that the AI is easy to scare off if you out number it during the early game. It seems to prefer to cut its losses and re-engage a few minutes later. What this does, however, is gives me more time to capture contested SP and things, bolstering my economy at the expense of losing a few men. Often when I play vs the AI, I encounter situations where, had the AI stayed and engaged, it might have taken a beating at first but probably would have won the confrontation had it sent reinforcements. It's worth noting that human opponents aren't often as quick to pull their troops out of early confrontations as the AI is.

    2 Scout squads (A: Sniper rifles x4, attached Skull Probe auxiliary, B: Flamemrs (from when my FC was attached to this squad, otherwise snipers as they are killed off), attached Apothecary auxiliary).
    3 SM squads (A: Flamers x5, attached Apothecary auxiliary; B: Plasma x5, attached Apothecary auxiliary; C: Rockets x5, attached Librarian hero unit).
    1 ASM squad.
    1 Grey Knights squad, attached Chaplin hero unit.
    1 Terminator squad, upgraded heavy bolters x2, attached Apothecary auxiliary.
    1Assault Terminator squad, attached Force Commander hero unit.
    4 Land Speeder attack skimmers (to counter the Imperial Guardsmen since I had not included Heavy Bolters on my SM squads).
    1 Dreadnaught walker.
    2 Predator assault tanks (A: Upgraded main turret to twinlinked Lascannon with side left/right sponsons kept as heavy bolters, B: Upgraded all weapons to Lascannon variants).
    1 Land Raider super heavy tank.
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      Re: Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War --- Compendious Strategos

      The Relic community has put together a Dawn of War (of all flavors) wiki. Just about anything you need to know about the different units and structures in the game and any special abilities they may have is discussed there. It makes understanding unit match ups and battlefield planning more streamlined once one becomes familiar with all the basics there. It's well worth looking into.

      Relic Community's Dawn of War Player Guide


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        Re: Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War --- Compendious Strategos

        Does anyone know a good build order for Orks? After playing the new expansion (Dark Crusade) I get stomped so terribly by the new races.




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