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CMSF: ATGM Ambush... AAR

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  • CMSF: ATGM Ambush... AAR

    NOTE... this is a copy/paste from a SimHQ forum post I made... thinking that some of you here MIGHT be intrested... understand that the Combat Mission Series is NOT everyones cup of tea... not selling it, just sharing game info...


    NOTE: These screens were taken from the "work-in-progress" beta version of Battlefront's upcoming Combat Mission Shock Force.

    The Syrian Army has blocked the major paths into the city, My Mechanized Infantry Recon Platoon has been tasked to recon, clear, and report on a back door entrance into the enemy held city, through some hilly terrain.

    My Mechanized Infantry Platoon consist of a HQ element, Three M3A2 Bradley IFV's, and three Infantry Squads... no artillery or air support on this mission.

    Mission Briefing:

    Tactical Map:

    My Platoon arrives at the embark location, things are going to get hot from here:

    My basic plan of action is pretty simple, I split the map into three sections, I have a Bradley Fighting Vehicle along with it's Infantry support take up the center position for the spearhead, while the other two teams take up the flanks and utilize the high ground:

    First contact is made by the right flank Bradley, the enemy is unknown, and out of reach at the moment:

    I then lay down the orders, while the Bradley's cover, the infantry squads move up to phase line Alpha:

    Moving out, using bounding overwatch from the three Bradley's and there respected infantry attachments:

    I then order the center Bradley to watch the 12 o"clock position with a target arc:

    Infantry have moved up to Phase Line Alpha and have reported only distant contacts, the Bradley's then pull up to better cover there infantry:

    Bradley has a enemy ATGM in his sights and ordered to engage at will:

    I have the far left and far right infantry squads move up to highground, and report contacts:

    My right side squad comes underfire from a machine gun nest to it's left flank, I order a tactical withdraw but lose one man and one man gets injured:

    I then order the Bradley up immediately to cover the retreating right squad:

    Tactical update: I have moved the entire Platoon up to phase line Alpha, I have a Bradley and a infantry squad watching the middle road and overall objective. I have a Bradley vehicle on the left flank, and one on the right, I have them both watching there opposite sides to get a nice tactical view, and nice cross fire for any enemies just on the other side of the hills.
    I have move one infantry squad to the far left flank overwatching the whole battlefield, while my right flank infantry squad has taken casualties and have been pulled to the rear:

    The left flank Bradley begins to take small arms fire from the right side distant hill, I order the Bradley to pop smoke, get into a hull down position and open fire:

    We clear out and take over Phase Line Alpha, and move into position to take out the remaining enemy stronghold:

    I now have the infantry taken positions on both controlled hills overlooking the final objective, I then order the Bradly's to move forward and hunt for enemy contacts, I position then on the highest ground possible to fire down toward the enemy:

    You can clearly see that we have taken over 75% of the operation area, continuing to sweep and cover:

    At just over 400 yards, even my infantry can reach out and touch exposed enemies, or at least keep there heads down till the Bradly's get into better firing position:

    (different map views, from 1: kinda first person to 9: strait overhead Tac View):

    OK, all units are in position and targets are assigned, and engaged:

    My A TEAM, they got the most kills from atop that hill:

    Pulling a pincher move, and squeezing the enemy:

    US Army Total Victory, 1 KIA and one injury:

    After view:

    Thanks for reading... understand, again, that this is a beta and work in progress, (thou the game is down now). If you ever played any of the other three Combat Mission games from Battlefront (all WW2 based) you know that this is probably one of the greatest series of computer games ever made... and my first impressions with the new Combat Mission, Shock Force (set in the very very near future), are really high and very excited about the game coming as a digital download or store purchase July 27th... just a few days away.

    Understand that I know I could of zoomed in and got killer screens of explosions and the vehicles etc ect... but the purpose of this thread is a AAR (After Action Review) where i tried to highlight more of the tactical aspects of the game... you want pretty pictures and excellent video footage, check out Battlefronts web site.

    Folks, I think we have a big big winner here... Watch for my review at SimHQ when the final is released.

    OH... and PC... first time playing it, so I was still learning too... like the line of sight tool, very helpful, but never found it... lol... I still need to RTFM. ;)
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    Re: CMSF: ATGM Ambush... AAR

    Thanks for the AAR. I've been watching this game for awhile. I'll be ordering it on Friday.




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