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  • Saga

    Saga is a very interesting game. It's a blend of an RTS/RPG styled game. You have your nation which you can customize the look of, as well as your nations flag, and the design of your nation's city look. There are two Factions in the game, The Brotherhood, and The Order.
    Each faction with a 'God' and each god as a certain property to it, as well as it's own worshipers whom are your troops, and each God's army is a certain race.

    Under The Order:

    The God of Machines: God name: Tek, Primary Race: Dwarves.

    The God of Light: God name: Aria-Alia, Primary Race: Giants and Humans.

    The God of Nature: God name: Gaia, Primary Race: Elves.

    Under The Brotherhood:

    The God of Magic: God name: Xethos Nom, Primary Race: Dark Elves.

    The God of War: God name: Rathos, Primary Race: Ogres and Orcs.

    EDIT: *COMING SOON* The God of the Undead. (coming in the next updates hopefully, they are working on it)

    Each of these God's armies have unique troops which you must 'collect'.

    Such as the God of Magic, You start with a handful of Human troops, and you can buy certain common 'cards' from the marketplace within your city, and you can get booster packs from the SAGA website which gives you a bunch of random 'cards' which you can use in your army, or trade/sell them to get 'cards' that are better for your army. Like if you get a Green Dragon from a booster pack, if you're Magic, you can't use it because it's a Nature card, so you can trade that rare dragon card, for a Back Dragon, which is a Magic unit.

    Cards are your units. You customize your army before each battle, each 'group' of troops (25 human light infantry can be commanded as one whole unit, and they all move as one.)

    Each 'unit' of troops in your army has a certain amount of CP (Command Points) and you can only use so many command points in each quest or PvP (yes there is an intense PvP Online feature in the game) that you can use. Say if I can only use 50 CP on this quest, and I send out 45 CP's using my Dragon and my Human Light infantry, if my infantry die, if they were worth 30 CP, then now those 30 are usable again, not lost, so i can send out my cavalry now in place of my 35 CP i have to use. And if they die, i can send my archers out. and so on. Each time you level your nation (you can level by doing quests, PvP battling) you gain 5 extra CP to use. and your troop units can level up as well by killing creatures/troops while doing quests/PvPing.

    And there isn't just troops either, there are spells you can use which usually take a small use of CP in a quest. Spells like Heal, Fireball, Curse, Summon Elementals/dragons/daemons, Force Field, Ray of Death, and many many more. As well as your own troops spells they can cast, such as the Magic's Dark Elf Magi, can cast a AoE spell that can damage and stun their enemy.

    There is more to this game that I have not explained, and you can easily find out in exploring this game.

    You can get a Free Account that WILL NOT expire, but you won't be able to access some features, or you can buy the game for $20 and thats it, no monthly paying. OR if you are a Fileplanet Subscriber.... you can get the ENTIRE game as well as a bonus item for FREE. Full version game. (thats how i found out about SAGA was from Fileplanet).

    Go to the site to find the free version of the game on the Community Site link.

    If you end up buying/trying the game, send me a PM and I can help you out if needed, I haven't been playing long (only about a week) but I know my way around the low level stuff.

    Oh did I mention, if you have problems on a quest.... you can invite anyone you want to help you with the quest, that's right. If you can't beat that Golden quest, let some one know they'd be happy to help. There is also an in game chat feature, so you can chat to others for help, or if you just wanna talk while you're gamin'.

    I AM a Vista user and I haven't really noticed any problems with the game, it runs pretty good for me, even though i have a OK PC, not the best, so I believe it is Vista Friendly.
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