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  • Ufo:Aftermath

    I get this from the box:
    "ALTAR is holding true to the spirit of X-Com while introducing one or two innovations." - PC Gaming World
    "UFO:Aftermath, a spiritual successor to X-Com." -

    Boy do I disagree. Despite the fact that X-Com is something like a decade old, I have seen nothing hoping to replace it show any promise. They compare it to X-Com becaus the devs all said they liked X-Com. And it has aliens and tactical battles. AND a globe! Let's not forget the globe!

    Yes, we have a globe. And on that globe we have bases. But beyond choosing what kind of base it is(research, engineering, military, or biomass repulsion) we have basically 0 control of these bases. No ability to effect the layout. We don't get to choose the staff on these bases either. No hiring scientists, engineers, or even soldiers! We do get to see ufos on the globe, and we get to order interceptions. We just can't order a particular wing of fighters to intercept. We don't tell the fighters what tactics to use. We have the ability to order a retreat, but why bother? It's not like we order people to build planes. That's ok, this kind of game is really about the groundpounders taking it to the aliens anyway....

    The Simultaneous Action System(SAS) is just another real time UI built on a turn based engine. And like most of these "mutated" engines, it doesn't do a spectacular job. In fact, it's barely an acceptable job. It's in 3D, but you can see that the maps are tile based(or at least the movement is). Couple poor stealth implementation with high lethality combat and you've got a recipe for frustration. Now imagine that there's no cover, and what little there is doesn't seem to have any discernable effect. You can't enter buildings in the urban environments and start shooting out the 2nd story windows. You can't go prone(10 years after X-Com, you can't give us this one thing?!). And for some odd reason when you kill the bad guys, they still get to finish their last action.

    The story places you in charge of Phoenix Company, the spearhead of the human resistance. Which is to say that you run one squad, and direct all research and development. I'm still working on how that makes any sense. You can tell the rest of the resistance to handle missions that you won't have time for, but you don't get anything more than a single line in the message log denoting success or failure of these forces. The ruling body of the resistance, the Council of Earth, was at least kind enough to send you the best and brightest of the resistance, and you get all the wizzer new toys first too. Of course, the best and brightest don't even have a smidgen of AI to fall back on. That means when the drek hits the fan, they just stand there 'til you tell them to do something. Even in X-Com your soldiers would react to what's happening around them to some degree......

    "Put simply, Ufo:Aftermath is as close as we're probably going to get to a true sequel to X-Com." -
    That's on the box too. I assume that it's a compliment. But please God, let them be wrong.

    P.S. And no multiplayer. What is it with these programming houses these days?

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    couldn't agree more Lirix... UFO aftermath is crap. WAit till you get to the alien bases that start cropping up. They make it VERY obvious that the terrain generation is broken.

    As far as a successor to XCOM... have you ever played Jagged Alliance 2? Great game! VERY XCOM like. NOT realtime! prone stance INCLUDED! WELL worth a try.


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      Played an alien base mission earlier today, and what a nightmare. I bet some Vietnam vets saw some burrows with more room to manuever. Not to mention the horrendously difficult terrain you go though just to get inside the base....

      And I can't say that I've played JA2. It didn't look like I'd get to shoot aliens, so I passed it by. ;)


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        Lirix!!! Where have you been?!?!

        Get back to the NS server, pronto!!! :D

        3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine.


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          Sorry Temp, but won't be happening. I simply cannot abide the HL engine in any aspect at this point. Of course, I'm not playing much of anything at this point.... so don't take it personal or nuthin'. :)

          RedEye, UFO:A is not a horrendously bad game by any stretch. It's just not X-Com. And given that all the PR on the box leads people to make that comparison, I'd say that's a bad thing. As for the aliens appearance, are you talking about the transenants or the actual aliens? Not that either of them don't look bad, but... :)




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