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    This is like an evolution style game, nevermind the graphics, its Java-web based. It's cool ****. It reminds me a lot of A Tale In The Desert if anyone ever played it...

    Here's a getting started guide:

    If you come play, here's the map:

    I'm just south of the forest below city kaka on the other side of the forest. Please don't take my stuff (everything is free to anyone, unless you have 'claimed' the land but that takes a lot of points).

    There's a big group of guys from Bay12 (Tower Defense or whatever) games playing (they are annoying, thinking they run the thing).

    And there is PKing but you have to get the skills to do it, so it takes some time, generally you just get knocked unconscious, but there is also a murder skill which is permanent death and the next character you create will inherit some of the skills of the other character.

    My name in game is Brad...
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