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    This "game," if you can call it that... is simply one of the most complex and in-depth historical strat. games ever conceived.

    Currently, the demo is up on FP if you want to try it out... but be advised, it's NOT for the feint-hearted or the impatient. The tut. is very bad, so you're left largely on your own unless you peruse the Paradox website (which I highly recommend)... which has some very good player-made tutorials.

    In a nutshell, this game is literally a WWII endless world-beating pausable Grande Strategy RTS (each "tick" is 1 hour GMT).

    Picture old Civilization, combined with Risk, Europa Universalis, Diplomacy, and Axis and Allies. Victory conditions?? LoL. There are none. Or rather, they're whatever you deem success as. The game could conceivably go on indefinitely. You might not even have conquering the whole world as a goal... perhaps you just want to manipulate in the shadows through espionage, or spread democracy like a virus through ideological drift, or inject your own brand of leader into rogue states... or just blitz the world under an iron fist.

    I wont go into it any more than this because it'd take forever to do-so and you could very easily just google your heart away. Just be aware games like this are typically TOO deep for most people. But those that take the plunge end up being deeply rewarded. What I like is that they've automated practically the whole game... so you can take it as deep/shallow as you want to; giving every type a player a sense of satisfaction (e.g. military strat, logistics, politics, diplomacy, economy, etc.). And playing different nations produces different experiences.

    And for the extra daring. Indeed, there is multiplayer VS. as well as Coop. In coop mode, teams can play the SAME country and basically micromanage different aspects of the game. (which goes well with the game's "cabinet" system).

    This game has been creating quite a stir since the demo hit Fileplanet. If you're the strat. grognard type - this is probably for you. Be advised though, word is it'll eat your system due to the intensity of the AI and the sheer amount of calculations the CPU has to make. And since many of the models are in 3D, a good GPU is necessary as well.

    Any game that will break my system w/o having any real graphics is pretty impressive (if bug-free) imo, a bit scary though.

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    Re: Hearts of Iron 3

    I picked it up on Steam a couple hours before launch which netted me HoI2 Complete as well. I'm still messing around with it so I don't have much to comment on. One thing that's stopped me from really getting into it was the lack of keyboard zoom control. Right now the only way to zoom in and out on the map is with the mouse wheel (I'm using a laptop with a TouchPad).
    I did find a script hack in the Paradox forums that greatly reduces the number of calculations done by the computer. There were two hacks one for trade offers done by the AI and one effecting the espionage. From the chatter, it appears to cut the calc time at least in half and yet does not appear to affect the gameplay experience.

    I'm hoping to get into a proper game by the end of the week.

    EDIT: A hotfix has been released that fixes a Consumer Goods bug and give a slight boost to performance. Current version is now 1.1c
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