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    I used to play Project Reality (BF2) on tactical gamers server.. Like every day.

    I have come to TG looking for people to join me in an online web-based turn based strategy game. The game is called battledawn ( ) and i think that it is very interesting game for anyone interested in diplomacy and stratagey.

    The premise is that alliances of up to 24 people compete for basically global domination in a world with about 3000 players average. However, the top alliances are useually restricted to a top 20 having sustainable power. Some alliances form federations and control huge parts of the map (for example, all of africa)

    The game proceeds in "ticks" where each half hour is one tick and a "round" lasts roughly 3000 ticks. You can see this is a long game.

    I started playing recently and i have started an alliance and brought it forward as a strong force, it has been fun but rough. The Diplomacy in this game is pretty good, it's a game where if you die it's quite a blow.

    I have come to Tactical Gamer seeking people to join me in this game.

    A new "world" is about to begin at tick 0 some time soon and i thought it would be awesome to get together a core group of people to start an alliance on Battle-dawn and utilize our TG discipline to rule a mighty empire.

    If you are interested send me a email or message me on TG and we can get everything set up before the new world starts so that we can come in fresh and clean, ready to dominate.
    listen close
    to the rat-tat-tat-
    as the metal flies,
    we should know as fact:
    that unearthly demons
    are part of our pack,
    and as we engage you
    in battle we pass.



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