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  • Cold War Crisis for C&C:Zero Hour


    I would like to write one or two lines about another great mod I have player around for a while: COLD WAR CRISIS

    After spending a night with this mod, I can not say anything else than "I like it." The mod is based around a hypothetical "hot war" between the USSR and USA in the 80s, and features the air-, infantry and mechanized assets of the respective sides.

    Cleary, the developers did not just add some graphics and sounds, but did a solid overhaul of the game, much like what PR is nowadays for BF2. Not only I found the gameplay to be quite challenging and different from the typical RTS titles, but the overall game balance and concept simply fits into the scheme of the conflict. Infantry is not necesserily cannon fodder and is a decisive factor in the game, tanks are not the king of the battlefield, and even the lords of the sky have to watch their tails for their arch enemies. While the US Forces are focusing more on their air force and special assets like Delta Force, the Soviet army focus is based on their superior armoured forces.

    While You can still build bases, the recource managment is simplified, and so the focus is mainly tactical and strategic combat. Three different game modes having been implemented: A copy of the BF2 Conquest mode, a scenario based match, and one classical annihilate Your enemy mode. The maps can often be played at day, night or bad weather (snow or rain), which affects visiblity and thus changes the overall tactical parameters for ambushes.

    For those who do not have a sparring partner: The AI is quite challenging and will finish You off more than once. At least I had a quite stressful and intense learning curce even with an easy computer opponent.

    Attached are some pictures for Your entertainment.

    See You Towarzysz Space Cowboy..


    ps: since I am not yet allowed to post URLs, You have to search the mods www address with Your favorite search engine.



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