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  • The Napoleon Total War Thread

    Forgive me if there is a thread but I can’t find one. Begyapardon if there is one.

    So with my Roman legions pocketed, and the sword sheathed after blooded and wiped from yet another noob quitting the game after loosing, and before the game ending, in a huge sulk – I bring the Napoleon Total War thread, where all things Napoleonic and delusional can be brought forth to TG (nothing new then). Yeay!

    So in order to kick things off, here is the famous PoM of RTW giving it some:

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    Re: The Napoleon Total War Thread

    The one thing about PoM is that he hardly shows any defeats or actual gameplay; in fact he doesn't like to play the actual game (his words about RTW etc), so you can review him as somewhat.. one sided.. and a common critisism. I like his tactics though (usually simply like hammer and anvil with a touch of brilliance - he is a good player).

    So in order to get a grip of the actual game, flaws and fun, our main man JosefV Stalin has an actual gameplay session going on. He talks while playing and so does not - edit - his posts like PoM who does it after so he can concentrate on the fight and review later but this can tend to lead to.. shall we say Gatekeeping (editing and tailoring a long term information agenda). JSV doesn't (in games overall at least ^^ Next stop for JSV is LA!)

    Here is one part, where you can pick up the thread. In his videos he shows all gameplay from naval battles to being annoyed while you watch troops movements. What I find interesting is the AI, which, although apparently better, is still something to be desired. Just cruise the youtube posts to see what I mean. It's a thumbs up to JSV to show this rather than 'highlights'. Any Total War fan will see the common problems still yet to be ironed out.

    Other players (like yourself) can drop in to your battles, a nice plus. In any case, I’ll leave a reference to this video JVS posted where you can look up the rest.

    Minuses in actual gameplay to be ironed out seem:

    Idiotic AI
    Rushing generals (and so when they die troop moral is dead in the water).
    Human player opponents dropping out (as per RTW).
    Your boys doing wierd and wonderful things.

    Nothing new there then! Good fun though.

    However, there are wonderful moments like matching up the elite Scots Guards.. will they fight the French well?? This questions seems to have raised its head, and a typical example of the 'stats' of units, which seems to be much better and in depth, and so a great boost to the brilliance of the game.

    Please be aware that JSV can swear and at times even be offensive (comments about the French for example - I am half french so I can detect this kind of thing faster) but I don't think he means anything in agression and just a good guy, so I would judge him overall rather than some things like swearing. Just a heads up that he can swear though and so his videos are to be viewed with this in mind. On balance, you will more than likely get more of a headache from his intro though :)

    Thanks JVS for showing the actual game, which says more than anything else. Good youtubes, love the cliffhangers.

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