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Sins of a Solar Empire: Shiled Mitigation

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  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Shiled Mitigation

    Q: What is shield mitigation?

    A: Shield mitigation blocks a certain % of damage received to shields (sort of like an armor value for shields). The base value is 20%, but it can increase up to 59% when being hit many times in a short period of time.

    Shield mitigation increases when a ship is being shot at. The more its being shot at, the higher is its shield mitigation (to a cap of course, think its 57% base for normal ships and 65% for caps). Advent get techs that increases mitigation, both overall and when they are in their own culture.

    Someone fires at you with a weapon that "would" do 3.0 damage, but you have 50% shield mitigation, so it does 50% damage.

    There must be some sort of level guage for the mitigation levels, so says - Okay, after you've taken a cumulative set of 500.0 hp damage points to your shield, increase mitigation by 6% or something - Advent at least have a few sheild mit' skills that I've seen, highest I've ever got a capital ship to was 59%...

    But to answer your question, the damage mitigation would only affect the shield - Once they penetrated the shield it would be full damage again.

    What is unanswered right now is how quickly shield mitigation rises, and how much it rises given the DPS suffered by the ship under attack.



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