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"Returning Armada" ability

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  • "Returning Armada" ability

    Can someone explain to me how this ability exactly works? I saw that there are two research levels for this ability. What is the difference between Lv1 and Lv2? How often do units spawn in? What kind of units spawn in?

    I remember losing to this ability quite frequently - I want to develop a strategy against it

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    Re: "Returning Armada" ability

    Returning Armada basically calls in extra frigates or destroyer class ships.
    These can range from the basic Frigate to the top of the line Destroyer.
    Level 1 usually calls in about 3 or 4 ships depending on the tactical slots of your planet.
    Level 2 can call up to 6-8 ships usually leaning to the destroyer classes.

    The recharge for this event is 250 seconds.
    If you research the second level antimatter regen you can output ships every time it recharges.
    You can build more than 1 gate at a planet as long as you have the tactical slots for them.
    It takes 10 tactical slots per gate.


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      Re: "Returning Armada" ability

      what is this?

      Is it an ability that a ship has?

      I have never heard of this. :(

      Where how does it become activated?


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        Re: "Returning Armada" ability

        It's at the end of the "Empire" tech tree. The Vasari phase gates will spawn ships for free every 250 seconds. Pretty handy, but difficult to get to in a decent amount of time without sacrificing other tech development. In multiplayer, it's very common for a Vasari player to turtle up and have his allies feed him resources until he set up Returning Armada.

        The only strategy I can think of to counter RA is to be aggressive and put constant pressure on the Vasari player so that he never has enough resources to dedicate to RA research. If you notice a lot of empire research labs early on, launch raids specifically to take these out.
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