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  • Quick Conquest Game

    One of the things that everyone has a problem with in Civ is the length of games. So here is a quick guide.

    The quickest game you can setup goes like this.

    If you want to play a span of ages:
    Start in the preferred age you want.
    Make the game speed quick (research)
    Set the timer to medium or fast
    Set to win by Conquest (kill the other teams capital) or Domination (own a majority of the land area). This depends on how many people are playing. For a greater than 3 people i recommend Domination and Conquest. For less i recommend just Conquest.
    Check the option for city flipping on conquest.

    If you want to play in 1 age:
    Start in the age you want.
    Make the game speed marathon (research). This way your focus is on current tech and your just playing the game for conquest rather than research.
    Set timer to medium or fast
    Win by Conquest. I do not recommend Domination in this game style.
    Check city flipping

    I'm interested in quicker games of civ myself and I'll schedule a game this week in another thread. This is just a quick guide.

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