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Looking for Playtesters for a new Civ

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  • Looking for Playtesters for a new Civ

    Hey there, everyone,

    I'm not sure how many familiar faces I'd find around here, as I'm active over in TG's Natural Selection 2 section rather than here.

    However, as I've posted over there, I have been working on my first mod for Civ5, and it has been fairly ambitious, and quite a ride. It's been about 4 months that I've been working on it so far, and I am finally nearly ready for a public release. However, I am in need of playtesters who would be willing to help play with my Civ, and provide feedback about it.

    I have just released version 8 of the beta, and it is feature complete, and as far as I can tell, bug-free.
    That being said, I need some people to provide feedback on its balance, flow of gameplay, bugs found, etc. as my goal right now is balance, polish, and bug-hunting.

    For more information, please see the thread I've created here at the CivFanatics forum.
    Do note that Brave New World is required for my Civ.

    If anyone is interested in helping me out, please leave a message here, or via PM, so that I may contact you via Steam.
    My Civ is currently set to friends-only while it is still in this development and testing stage, and I generally ignore blind friend requests, if I'm not notified beforehand of someone wishing to add me.

    I wholly and sincerely appreciate any and all assistance.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Looking for Playtesters for a new Civ

    Sounds ambitious! We have a 10 player Pitboss game going on so there are definitely some Civ V TG'ers around. Hopefully someone can help.

    I'd normally seriously consider it but my gaming time is very limited these days.




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      Re: Looking for Playtesters for a new Civ

      I'm a loyal and veteran player of the CIV series back to the original version on the Commodore Amiga. You will see in my stats on STEAM that I have over 1600 hours logged in CIV V alone. :)

      I have no "design" ability, but I would be more than happy to play your mod and give my suggestions.


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        Re: Looking for Playtesters for a new Civ

        Thank you both for your support, guys!

        I didn't have very high hopes for any of my posts (both here, and on CivFanatics) since the community around Civ seems much more interested in historical Civs, rather than fictional ones.
        However, I do find it fascinating that there are people able to create Civs from these fictional stories that have nothing to do with Civ -- it's incredibly creative.

        Reinhold, I sincerely thank you for your offer of assistance. I will send you a friend request shortly via Steam, so that we may discuss the details.

        If anyone else might be interested, please let me know!
        I still need a moderately sized group to help me with the diplomacy stuff.
        Otherwise, I have since released v9 of my Civ with a couple bug fixes and a few balance changes based on feedback.

        Thanks again!


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          Re: Looking for Playtesters for a new Civ

          Hey, everyone!

          Hope everyone's enjoying Thanksgiving weekend. I thought I would update this thread in case anyone was interested.

          After many months of work, I have finally completed this mod to a satisfactory level for a public release!
          I am extremely proud to announce my first mod ever: A Spice and Wolf Civilization, led by the Goddess of Bountiful Harvest herself, Holo!

          I have many more plans for continuing development of this Civ, so by no means am I done with this just yet. I just felt it was at a good enough state for people to start trying to play with it, and Thanksgiving was a very fitting tribute to a Harvest Goddess.

          Please give it a try, and let me hear your feedback!





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