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Beware: Installation problem

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  • Beware: Installation problem

    Just a heads up for people still mulling over getting this: The game looks beautiful and is a lot of fun, but they botched the CD build and there are some issues with ATI cards.

    First, there is a problem with the path on the .exe files that means you have to play from the install disk instead of the play disk. That's a minor problem with an easy fix.

    Second, some ATI drivers have trouble unpaking the assets resource file. They make you run through a crazy triple install process to fix it, but that only works if you can use the latest ATI catalyst drivers. If you have a laptop or other proprietary drivers, skip to the end of their support entry on the topic and follow the instructions on unpaking the resources manually. This will eat up a lot of space on your HD but it's a lot easier than mucking with your video drivers.

    Shoddy release. Was very disappointed. But then I conquered Spain and I felt better. :)
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    Re: Beware: Installation problem

    There is a fix for the ATI Renderer error posted over on See the following URL:

    That's a pretty easy fix and only requires unpacking the Art0.fpk file.
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      Re: Beware: Installation problem

      Just to update, There is a full how to on this fix now at 2k games site. It's pretty good too with screenshots.

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