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  • Demo and patch out...

    FYI... theres a demo for Civ4 out:
    (and other sites)

    and a new patch just released... most gaming sites have it.

    this is one that has both:
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    Re: Demo and patch out...

    Here's some info from the 1.09 readme, the full readme.htm is located in your Civ IV directory after installing the patch.

    The installer splits up the Art PAK file into multiple 100MB PAKs. Please be patient as this will take some time.


    - increased cost of Apollo Program...

    - increased SS parts cost...

    - Animal Husbandry reveals Horses

    - tweaked Rifling, Chemistry, Steel, and Railroad tech costs...

    - increased late-game tech costs...

    - can now add two specialists in size 1 city with Mercantilism...

    - final score is now modified by difficulty level...

    - Speed up load times

    - Global performance enhancements


    - Include WB map size in the description field

    - Save login name

    - Added password encryption

    - Added regenerate Map Button to World builder Map Mode...

    - checkbox for using low resolution textures

    - more logging for init failure

    - minspec / video memory checking

    - Added ability to change to and from fullscreen while in-game

    - holding <shift> during startup will clean out the cache

    - improved bink playback, added ini options


    - ATI issue Failed to Init Renderer Fixed

    - Multiplayer Lobby list jump problem and lobby crash fixed

    - fixed war weariness calculation bug...

    - units maintain their name when upgraded

    - fixed Gold-for-Gold diplo exploit...

    - fixed no research choice overflow exploit...

    - Fix for voice initialization crash

    - Fix addressing takeover AI and retirement OOS.

    - Fixed issue with diplomacy text being always used in its first form in the translator.

    - Popups, screens, and diplomacy properly cleared when exiting from main menu.

    - Games protected by admin passwords (only) cannot be loaded if the version is different from the one that created the save

    - Fixed bug where player could not offer any deal to other human in PBEM/Hotseat

    - Sorting by date on domestic advisor now works.

    - fixed bug where settlers could not move if the strategy layer was selected

    - fixed Ironworks...

    - fixed AI units not obeying open borders rules on declaration of war...

    - fixed bug that prevent placing of units in world-builder

    - fixed bug that prevented gifting of units to a human player

    - stack attack infinite loop fixed

    - Civic screen update fix (wasn’t showing the right maintenance and anarchy values)

    - ctrl-g crash fix, optimized city bar art

    - fixed right-click menu crash

    - Intro movie crashing problems

    Multiplayer Issues

    A broadband connection to the Internet is highly recommended.

    If you are experiencing a problem with out of sync (OOS) errors in Internet games from players trying to hot join into AI controlled Civs or from players retiring, have the host save the game and re-launch from the main menu.

    If a player inadvertently drops from an Internet game, it is better to have everyone wait at the Democracy screen than to have the player hot join while the game continues.

    Though multiplayer games can have up to 18 players we only support and recommend a maximum of 12 players.

    Hotkey / Interface Changes

    * [ESC] will close every screen.

    * Pillage hotkey was changed to [Shift – P]

    * Improve Nearest City (Automated) is now [Shift - Ctrl - C]

    * Intercept hotkey was changed to [I]

    * Contact Civ Pop-up by pressing [Shift – D]

    * To a activate Voice over IP in multiplayer, press the [Scroll Lock] key.

    * You can declare war by pressing [Alt] and clicking on the name of the enemy leader in the score display.

    * To change a units name just click on their name on the bottom left side of the screen.

    Gameplay Changes

    * Spy does not cost any gold per turn

    * Calendar now centers the world map (instead of Astronomy)

    * Border expansion occurs in a city when the city’s culture is 10, 100, 500, 5000, 50000 (Normal Game Speed)


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      Re: Demo and patch out...

      Finally they fixed all those annoyances with multiplayer. Game on! Tested and worked for me.

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        Re: Demo and patch out...

        Will this mess up saved game files?


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          Re: Demo and patch out...

          We can play multiplayer now?!??!? Woot!
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            Re: Demo and patch out...

            im sellin mine anyone wanna buy it....40bucks played 2 times...
            that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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              Re: Demo and patch out...

              I'm not seeing the patch on any official site. Are you sure it's been released? Firaxis' latest news is about releasing the patch soon, NOT about where you can download the patch.

              This is how malware is distributed... Dunno if that's the case here, but I'm not downloading anything until I see it on an official site.
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                Re: Demo and patch out...

                cing, firaxis doesn't host it on their site.

       has it in their forum from the same site magnum posted and it works fine. You can also use the civ4 update under advanced.

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