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COH Bane vs NorCal AAR

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  • COH Bane vs NorCal AAR

    After a few attempts at playing the computer on hard mode, Bane and I decided to play against each other last night. I offered to be on the German side, but had little experience in using the Axis war machine. It was challenging to manage the unfamiliar tech tree build ups and unfamiliar unit functions. The pressure was on.

    Bane’s base and my base were separated by a wide canal. The only access to each others territory was from three bridges in the middle and a railroad bridge on the far southwestern side (which was only accessible by foot soldiers).

    I knew Bane was going to utilize these choke points by cutting off my tanks with his engineering obstacles (k-rails?). My strategy was to get across his territory before he had an opportunity to build his forces up. My intent was to keep the fight in his back yard while I built up my larger tank units to take out his main base. I attempted some early raids with my motorcycle crews and snipers to keep at least one bridge clear and to take some control points on his side of the canal. Bane adjusted to my tactic quickly and eventually drove my guys off of his side of the map and began to dig in.

    I soon found that digging in for Bane is an understatement; his territory was practically Fort Knox. He repelled everything I threw at him. At some point, what I should’ve done was ease my assault and start to fortify, but I didn’t. I was obsessed with trying to get across the bridges. For my big push, I built a substantial force of 5 different types of tanks and 2 infantry squads. This was pretty impressive since it was still early in the game, but I had to get across the bridge first and his k-rails were preventing this. I kept thinking, “If I could just get across…if I could just get across…”

    We were almost 15 minutes into the game when my tanks finally were able to destroy the bridge obstacles. My moment of triumph was at hand as my armor and infantry units began rolling over the bridge….or so I thought...Bane’s artillery rained down precisely where my units were heading. This was too much to bear- I was so excited to finally get across the bridge only to get my entire offensive line demolished by his well timed artillery. My jaw dropped and I exchanged a few poo poo words with him over teamspeak, I stopped short of insulting his mother.

    His AT crews and assault troops didn’t have any problems taking care of my remaining weakened units. I was morally beat at that point and struggled to think of what to do next. My unfamiliarity of the German army started to take its toll as I frantically cycled through the factory and troop buildings trying to figure out what would be the best units to counter his assaults, which I knew wouldn’t be long.

    I made a few minor attempts, bad attempts I should say, at attacking Bane thinking my strategy still had a chance, but my situation and resources was just getting worse. Bane brought his units across the canal and continued to affectively use his artillery drops on me. I surrendered soon after I got a glimpse of the number of infantry units he had brought across the line. My few remaining armor units were completely ineffective against his large number of units armed w/ sticky bombs.

    Hats off to Bane- I’m already looking forward to the next match. It was a fun and intense game from start to finish. I learned a valuable lesson in the art of defense; Bane is far more superior lol. Good game man.

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    Re: COH Bane vs NorCal AAR

    What DEFENSE and the 33rd in the same sentence, I didn't think that would ever happen :D

    Man that game sounds fun keep the AA coming




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