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  • Tips for success?

    Well, we have this big forum all to ourselves, so let's use it!

    Post some of your top success tips.. I personally suck, can only sometimes beat the computer on Normal, and am usually dominated in online play -- so I know I could use whatever help I can get. I am sure others will also appreciate the different tips and tricks offered by you guys.

    So, let's hear them! :)

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    Re: Tips for success?

    It's not what you know; it's who you know. I recommend getting to know both administrators and janitors, for the same reason: they both have all the keys.

    Proper grammar gets your far.

    When searching for the right college, go visit your top three and go with the place that feels the best.

    Make your passwords hard to guess, and include non-alphanumeric characters.
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      Re: Tips for success?

      Keep playing the computer until you can beat his ass in more and more shameful ways. That is how I took the step up from rank newbie to marginal deadweight. Seriously, playing 3v3 games with 2 good players on your side won't help you get better. Beating up on the computer is an important step.

      The computer is a strong opponent only if you try to rely on defensive play. The best way to win in any game against any opponent is to push forward and make them defend.
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        Re: Tips for success?

        Im just gonna go over random things that come to mind...

        Being aggressive is probably the most important thing. Move out often to take munitions or especcialy feul sectors, and in some maps the strategic sectors can cut off all of his resources. This is especcialy evident in angoville (a 1 vs 1 map), because you can often cap one sector and cut off ALL his resources.

        Get good at "micro". Dont ever think youll win a battle without telling them every single thing to do. For instance, if your rifleman are being charged at by volks (who are better at short distance if upgraded), RUN. Either manually tell them to get in a building, find different cover, or run away until you meet up with more units to overpower him. Basically, dont let yourself get into a compromising situation.

        AT guns should be behind all your units. They have a crazy range and should use it. If they are as forward as your regular units, they will either get grenaded or get a nice artillery right on them. Try to bait enemy armor into your AT zones with other units, and if you have the munitions, activate the AP shells when the armor is in range. A nice combo is stickys to disable the engine, and then AT to finish it off.

        This tactic is better as allies because youll probably see a lot of MG42s inside buildings. If you send any one infantry unit against a MG42, you will get suppressed and probably pinned. Dont let that happen, and if it does just retreat immediatly. To take out a MG42 in the open, simply find out where he is first (usually with a jeep), and then move a unit around to flank out of the MGs range. If hes in a building, send one rifle squad to get pinned. Once the MG has their attention, move another squad from the opposite direction to kill it. If you have rifleman, use grenades (but throw them into the part of the building where the MG is firing from). The better unit to use is a flame engineer, as they can just put the whole building on fire and whichever side of the building is on fire first will be impossible for the MG to shoot from.

        Try to tech quickly and build units thoughtfully. My general build order is engy, rifle, jeep, rifle, rifle, halftrack (only good if upgraded--kills infantry), M8, AT guns. While doing all that, i upgrade EITHER (not both) grenades or BARS depending on what the axis player makes. If he makes a lot of volks, i get BARS. If he makes a lot of MGs, i make grenades. My second upgrade is always sticky bombs.

        Mines kick ass. You can make them with engineers for 25 munitions, or you can make a very powerful mine with the M8 armored car (preferred). Set them up on narrow land bridges that are common for enemy units to move over. Put them right in front of a key strategic location. Hell, put em right in front of their freaking armory so that when they build a stug, it has less than half health as soon as it comes in. Ive won many battles because of key mine placement. It will usually damage engines making it easy to finish off, or will actually completely wipe out an infantry squad.

        Finally, watch the replays of the best players in the world here. Ive learned a lot just from watching a couple of their replays. You can learn what to do at the beginning of any round, how to use each unit, etc etc.


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          Re: Tips for success?

          As icky says, it's all about putting your opponent on the defense.

          Think of it this way: with sufficient time, even an opponent with fewer control points than you will build up an army of near equal size to yours. The trick is to bleed his good units - make sure that you finish off that gimped M10 before it limps away for repairs - while building up your own. Once you have a strong battleforce together, you raid.

          It is important to push as deeply as possible into their territory when raiding. Your forces will be fighting their entire army no matter where you attack, so you may as well take out some of their buildings while you're at it. I always like to momentarily stop my tanks near an enemy fuel CP so that my engineers can sweep in and cap it while I'm in their base, but don't dwell on the CP's for too long. The amount of time you spend on those CP's will permit the opponent to regoup and rebuild, costing you in the long run.
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            Re: Tips for success?

            While waiting for my copy to come in the mail I found commentaries on some games over at Team Sportscasts Network. Dunno if the players or comments are any good, but they know more about the game than me :row__642:


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              Re: Tips for success?

              Ok, so I am terrible at managaging the simple economy and always seem to be fighting the computer's tanks while I'm still capturing my side of the map. What's the trick to ramping up quickly? My latest idea was to build a barracks then send 2 engy units out to cap while making riflemen, then bring one engy back to create a weapons tent. Santa's list above is really helpful, what do others do?

              I'm enjoying the paratroops ability to reinforce, but I've tended away from making tanks and it always seems to be a mistake. Do I need to spend more time in shermans?

              Also, how come my guys always break and run for home? Are they just wusses?


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                Re: Tips for success?

                They run for home if you click the "retreat" button. Only do that if you know you are going to lose that particular battle. Reinforcing squads is MUCH cheaper than making a new one (except for airborne which ill talk about later...). Another possible reason they are retreating is that the axis player researched "Propaganda". For 100 munitions they can retreat any of your squads at will. Its expensive though, and they probably wont use it much.

                Capping points early is important, but dont build so many engys to do this that you dont have enough money to fight with actual units like rifleman. Generally the engy i start with builds a barracks. The first engy i build caps the closest point that will eventually connect to feul. When the engy that built the barracks is done, have him do the same thing in another part of the map. Use the rifleman squad you just built to help engys when they have contacts, or just use them to secure an area farther into the map.

                The weapons support center is only good in certain situations, and many players just skip it all together. The most likely situation to build the WSC is if your enemy has MGs in places that are unflankable by rifleman or airborne units. The mortar and snipers are good at killing entrenched and unflankable units, but make sure they arent alone.

                As for airborne units, theyre niche units. Dont use them for everything. Reason being is they cost A LOT to reinforce. Its 62 for every reinforcement (only 22 for a rifleman), and if you multiply that by 6 it nearly equals 375 which is the total cost for the unit anyways. If ya use a lot of these guys your economy will be in the toilet in no time. The situations you use them for are to Fire Up to run straight past a MG and then grenade him. Or to grenade a house. Or, if they have recoiless rifle, to help the rest of your units kill a stug, puma, or other armor pieces. Basically, these guys are only good if supported by other units. Also, its generally smart to NOT retreat these units unless you have upgraded them. You wont gain anything economically from it, so they might as well die out there and do what damage they can.


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                  Re: Tips for success?

                  My start in all normal games is:
                  - select engy/pioneer and hit vb/vw (build barracks/german equivalent)
                  - select HQ and build 2nd engy/pioneer
                  - wait for engy to pop out, send him immediately to my key area, maybe to cap things, but most importantly to prevent the opponent from capping things (get in buildings if they exist, or green cover)
                  - barracks building will finish very soon after this
                  - grab the barracks builders and put them on capping detail, with the goal of connecting base to key area first
                  - immediately build first rifleman/mg/volks squad depending on the situation
                  - get the resulting units to the front as soon as possible
                  - continue building and deploying units which depend on what the opponent makes

                  Random tips:
                  - always focus on territory and resource control first, VP's are secondary
                  - an enemy with no fuel produces no tanks
                  - retreat and reinforce whenever you get yourself into a battle you won't win
                  - group up mixed units to succeed in a fight
                  - push the enemy weak points at all times
                  - don't always run single squads straight into battle, send them near the front and then push them forward in groups
                  - if the opponent strongly locks down his fuel points, you can counter by cutting him off from those points or by locking down his munitions points (again, pushing on the weak points)

                  Suggested counters:
                  - sniper for mg or at guns
                  - jeep/motorcycle for sniper
                  - flame engy for observation posts
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                    Re: Tips for success?

                    Boot, I think the key to your problem is not worry so much about "ramping up quickly" take a look at icky's suggestions especially about denying your enemy resources. Keep in mind that you don't have to control a fuel depot to deny your enemy its fuel. Often quickly cap'ing a point in between their base and the resource works better as some people don't notice they have been cut off from their resource.

                    On the other side of that make sure you are not cut off from your resources. The area will be blinking if you do not have connecting areas to the resource. It is a pretty basic tactic to sweep in and cap the point just outside the enemy base to cut them off from all their resources. If nothing else this averts their attention for a bit allowing you to move on other points.


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                      Re: Tips for success?

                      In 1v1, cutting off the opponent works quite well, but in 2v2 and above it is more difficult and maybe not worth it unless they are really bad players.
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                        Re: Tips for success?

                        Great tips, thanks guys.

                        In another thread someone mentioned that sandbags, wire and tank traps were free. That's something I didn't catch in the tutorial so is worth repeating here in case someone just reads this thread.

                        Next question I have is when to build other defensive structures like MG nests, which seem expensive. OPs are supposed to make the sectors produce more, is the boost really worth it? I think it's possible to post a unit in there, anyone really ever do that?

                        I've never built a medic station but after re-reading the manual I think this one sounds like a good idea.

                        I really haven't had much game time, I just come here and ask questions when I should be studying or doing work work. :row__687:


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                          Re: Tips for success?

                          MG nests are OK but generally too expensive. If you use them have them setup at a critical chokepoint or high feul point. Also its best to have their flanks secure either by natural blockades, wire, or friendly units. Axis bunkers are great to build as they only cost 150 manpower and a garrisoned MG cannot be sniped and can shoot in a 360 degree arc out of a bunker.

                          Medic stations suck. Dont build them. They cost too much for what little they offer. Triage centers are ok though, but only if your infantry squads are getting hurt a lot.


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                            Re: Tips for success?

                            I was googling around for CoH tips today and found this:


                            It's a semi-well-written series of articles on CoH, mostly on strengths and weaknesses of units. One article that I found particularly helpful is this one. It's a guide to optimizing the Allied Airborne tech tree. This guy seems to have it down to a science. He eliminates barracks altogether and uses airborne as his primary infantry to start churning out tanks extremely early.
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                              Re: Tips for success?

                              TGE used to be a really good rts player, he hasnt played CoH very mutch since his pc got destroyed. I dont think that his opening is good, I would rather check out some replays of Sepha and Mexico at to find a good allied strat




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