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Relic Interview - Balance Discussion

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  • Relic Interview - Balance Discussion

    Live discussion tonight at 8EST

    Should be available for download later too. I believe they are discussing the Patch in general and specifically balance issues. The interviewers are ranked players and usually have very good discussions about the game on their regular podcasts here.

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    Re: Relic Interview - Balance Discussion

    Show notes are posted as well as the audio replay.

    # Smoke is bugged (itís official) - smoke is intended to give accuracy penalty to all units inside the smoke or shooting through it, they are looking at it right now.
    # No changes planned for calliope in the future above the 50% reduction in reload speed
    # Bridger was right
    # BAR is very difficult to balance - Allies depend on BAR to survive against MP40′d volks, so tricky to change. Relic still looking into suppression changes.
    # Stug may be looked at again to see how the game changes based on all the other changes (puma cost/sherman changes creating more viable tier 2).
    # Vitensby is a Very Wise Man
    # Looking into making an M10 guaranteed for off map combat group (Plus other assorted units).
    # Looking into the weakness of off map howitzers (come down so slowly most things get out of the way in time).

    # Grenadiers Grenade will be looked at (being underpowered compared to riflemenís grenade
    # Looking at the panzershrek clipping through tank - send any replays with this issue (including the time/place it happens) to [email protected]
    # 88s may be looked at in the future - have to see how defensive doctrine does with itís new buffs
    # Will be looking into allowing goliaths destroy tank traps
    # Inability to snipe/grenade a bunker is by design - Looking into grenades being used to kill units in the bunker
    # Croc will likely fit itís role now that shermans have been nerfed vs. infantry (according to Sam)
    # Bombing/strafing run have accuracy bugs (confirmed)
    # Panzer IV/Stuh42 are also having accuracy bugs fixed in the future (confirmed bug)
    # Planning to change the dynamic of the nebleworfer in the next (patch after next) patch as itís role overlaps with mortar
    # Looking into axis mortar not getting smoke till tier 3
    # AT gun and Mortar crew last man standing dies because he is too stressed having seen his friends die (joke)
    # Sturzdorf being looked at for balancing
    # Halftrack was only suposed to carry 3 units, 4 was a bug.




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