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  • Icemod...

    These changes sound excellent on the surface and I wonder how it plays...

    List of Changes (Should all be here, I list em as I make em!)

    Panzerfaust fire will not fly through Shermans or Calliopes anymore.

    All buildings are capable of having thier facing adjusted during construction.

    Aid Stations (Allies and Axis) heal infantry in a radius around them, like the allied triage center.

    Stickybombs have vastly reduced damage - but are still highly useful for knocking out vehicle engines. The reason is that stock, stickybombs do more damage than a 75mm cannon shot! A sock filled with TNT and hurled as an improvised weapon doing more damage than a shaped charge just doesnt fly with me. You will need more than riflemen to take out armored cars and tanks now - but stickybombs will aid in that effort with thier ever-present ability to slow a vehicle.

    Tanks have been completly rebalanced - now protecting your tank's flanks isnt just a "good idea" it's vital. Just like in the real war, leaving your tanks unprotected or without support and allowing them to take hits in the rear from AT weaponry will render them flaming hunks of wreckage quite quickly. Tank HP has been lowered across the board, while AT projectiles have been increased in strength.

    Axis have access to a Tier 4 anti-tank weapon, the Pak40. This dangerous peice of machinery can stop allied armor advances in thier tracks while they bring up infantry to dispose of the 75mm cannon - and dont EVER expose your flank to this monster! Perhaps a cunning allied commander can expose the weaknesses of this weapon - heavy and hard to move, it's even more difficult to reposition the Pak40 than the other AT guns.

    Axis Veterancy has been re-worked to not suck horridly. (Though the HMG team has recived a slight nerf.)
    Basic Infantry bonuses:
    (Pioneers, Volks, Grens)
    Vet 1: Accuracy +15%
    Vet 2: Either: Upgrade Armor Type or: Health +15%
    Vet 3: Max Damage Increased +15% (not minimum damage, however.)

    As Basic Infantry but
    Vet 3: Second shot after first shot

    Heavy Machine Gun and Mortar Team Bonuses:
    Vet 1: Accuracy + 15%
    Vet 2: Reload Speed +15%
    Vet 3: Maximum Weapon Damage 15%

    Knight's Cross bonuses:
    Vet 1: Speed +20%
    Vet 2: Accuracy +15%
    Vet 3: Maximum Damage +15%

    Nebelwerfer, Pak 38, and Pak 40 Teams:
    Vet 1: Accuracy +10%
    Vet 2: Maximum Damage +15%
    Vet 3: Minumum Damage +15%

    Grenadier upgrades are now more bearable for the axis commander's tights munitons budget - cost has been reduced from 75mun per upgrade to 50.

    Cost of the Goliath remote controlled bomb reduced from 125 munitions to 100 munitions, 50 req.

    Cost of the Sticky Bomb Upgrade and cost-to-use reduced to 50 manpower, 25 fuel (upgrade) and 35 munition (use)

    Overstrength Squads

    The little number next to the unit icon has never been more important than with the introduction of Overstrength squads. Many squads - MG teams and engineers for both sides, Stormtroopers, and grenadiers - have the ability to be reinforced past thier normal unit compliment. An Overstrength squad behaves in all respects like it's smaller normal size, only it has more soldiers - and thus more firepower.
    A squad capable of reinforcing to Overstrength can be boosted anywhere it would normally be reinforced after reciving casualties.

    Overstrength Numbers:
    Engineers: Overstrength + 1 to 4 members.
    Riflemen: No Overstrength.
    Weapons Team: No Overstrength.
    Rangers: No Overstrength.
    Airborne: No Overstrength.
    AT gun: No Overstrength
    Mortar Team: No Overstrength.
    Heavy Machinegun Team: Overstrength + 2 to 5 members.

    Pioneers: Overstrength + 1 to 4 members (Pioneers now start with 3 soldiers in a squad.)
    Volksgrenadiers: No Overstrength.
    Grenadiers: Overstrength +2 to 6 members.
    Pak 38 AT Gun: Overstrength +2 to 5 members.
    Pak 40 AT Gun: No Overstrength.
    Mortar Team: No Overstrength.
    Heavy Machinegun Team: Overstrength + 2 to 5 members.
    Knights Cross Holder: Overstrength +2 to five members.


    Flamethrower Weaponry and open-topped vehicles

    M10s and Flakpanzers have a unique problem - the crew is exposed to the elements. Previously this was not reflected by flamethrower weaponry - but it is now, so the two tank crews should watch themselves for enemies toting flame weaponry!
    This includes the Flamenwerfer 42, Allied Flamethrower, Sherman Crocodile, and Flamenwerfer Halftrack. The Sherman Crocodile is especially lethal to the Ostwind.
    It is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9/NIV

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    Re: Icemod...

    Sounds... interesting...

    But how do you get anyone to play with?
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      Re: Icemod...

      Well, if both people have the mod installed and launch it, you can play via Relic Online. All other games will be grayed out.
      It is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9/NIV




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