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  • 1.5 in final stages

    Found this on today:

    Originally posted by Buggo
    1. CoH Patches

    1.5 is on its way. It is in the final stages of testing. There will be quite a few changes in this patch, majority balance and bug fixes.

    There will be a server-side fix in between 1.5 and 1.6, dealing with some online issues.

    There will be a 1.6 patch as well coming a couple months after 1.5, but I cannot give any information about this patch at this time.

    2. DC Patch

    The DC patch is coming. It's currently in a community beta test, but still needs to go through testing. There will be quite a few bug and balance fixes.

    3. Maps

    You will see some new community maps in the upcoming DC patch. We're not sure of the number yet since there is quite a bit of art to be done on them, but you will have new maps to play.

    The maps that won the COH contest are being looked at. We are thinking of including some in some upcoming patches but no timeline yet as we still need legal forms from the winners as well as additional art on the maps.

    We are hoping to release official map(s) for both games but there is currently no timeline on this.

    4. Modding Community

    The Relic Mod Wiki is blossoming. Lots of good information on here gets added every day, and is a good place to download both official and unofficial tools:

    I've been working hand in hand with Corsix and other modders to get new tools released to the community. So far we've been able to release new tools for COH, and we're hoping to get the DC ones working better.

    5. COH Online Issues

    From now on, please send reports to [email protected] instead of to me. I still receive them, but the reports are handled in a more efficient way.

    Please wait 48 hours to send me information. It takes a while for the stats to report so please give it time. Sometimes people assume the stats aren't reporting when they just report a bit slower.

    For the most part, stats are working correctly even though they report slow. We are aware of issues with 2v2 and are working on it.

    In terms of online drophacking/cheating/teamkilling/verbal abuse etc... Here are the actions so far:
    - 126 individuals warned
    - 21 accounts suspended
    - 4 accounts banned

    I've only managed to get through 15% of the reports so far, so if you're a cheater and you haven't heard from me yet, you will

    6. General Community Initiatives and Misc

    Yes we are working on new games.

    My BLOG is available here: and it always has new information and personal anecdotes.

    You can find everything I have ever posted here .

    What's coming up:
    - Deadline for Relic's Biggest Fan contest coming up in a little over a week
    - March Open House
    - Podcast
    - Dark Crusade map contest
    - Video tour of the Relic offices and video montage of the Open House event
    - Much more I can't say yet!

    Do you have any ideas for other contests or things I could do for the community? E-mail me at [email protected].

    I hope this has given you some insight into what is going on. Feel free to e-mail me anytime with questions or concerns.
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