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Critique My Game: 2vAI Pointe du Hoc

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  • Critique My Game: 2vAI Pointe du Hoc

    I played a couple 2vAI last night and would appreciate any feedback. Link is here.

    The setup was Pointe du Hoc, which I'd never played, and featured my brother and I against 1 normal and 1 easy AI. We're trying to learn yet, as neither of us are big RTS players. We played a 2-game series and this is the second, wherein we fixed some of the obvious mistakes we made in the first.

    I'm the southern allied player (Bootis), so watch from my perspective maybe on 2x or more speed.

    Some things I know I did wrong:
    • Part way though the game I started using my units to build more defenses like tank traps, etc. I wish I'd done that earlier
    • Early in the game I tried to make a forward base that was probably too close to the enemy bases. If I played again I would make the forward base on the beach, then cap flags along the beach and make another forward base before moving inland
    • This game pointed out to me that I need to capture territories more strategically and cut areas off from my enemy
    • Having chosen infantry company, I forgot to build my 105 mm until late. Pretty bad mistake, since the free 105 shots are half the reason to go infy
    • I couldn't seem to make my enggies repair AT guns or my forward base. Is that normal or am I 'special'?
    • The trenches around my forward base disappointed me in how little protection they actually offered. I ended up keeping my guys out of them more than in them by the end. Not sure what to do about that, just a random thought
    • I don't think I manage my economies well, any comments on that would be helpful

    Anyway, there were some pretty good battles around my forward base, but once they destroyed the building I had to abandon it and never recovered. Hopefully it's entertaining.

    I'm not able to play reliably on a schedule and often play 1vAI simply because I can pause it and go about my normal household duties as they call, so any help people can offer in this format is appreciated!

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    Re: Critique My Game: 2vAI Pointe du Hoc

    1. This map has HIGH resources available, and no reasonable way to prevent the AI from collecting them. This means that stugs are going to show up EARLY, so you need to prepare for them.

    2. Do not build forward bases. They are a rather expensive way to save a little walking. You would have had more men on the ground in the early going if you hadn't spent those resources.

    3. Do not mass defenses in your base, or you are just giving away extra resources to the opponent. Push the defenses forward whenever possible. Find choke points and take advantage of them.

    4. You failed to capture and hold the high resource points close to your base in the early game. In your starting position, the south-most point on the map is absolutely key. Ideally, you want to cut your opponent right off from the beach.

    5. Don't fight battles you can't win. You did good retreating in most cases, but there were some battles where you were massively outnumbered. There is no point in fighting those at all. I would prefer to retreat slowly and run if required.

    6. You should ALWAYS be probing for weaknesses in the AI defenses. Elven could have been in the AI base at the top by mid-game had he pushed forward up there. If you hang back, the AI will build MG nests and OPs and you will have a harder and harder time moving up.

    7. Static defenses are very good against AI (I consider it essentially cheating, but I do it sometimes for fun), but on this map there are very few places to use them. Also, other than tank traps, the defenses will just get rolled over when stugs arrive, so don't depend on them too much. You could put some tank traps at the AI beach access to prevent them from sending armor down to the beach.
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