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  • New patch change log.
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    Re: New patch change log.

    nice...its practically all allied nerfs this time. woot!

    btw its out now
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      Re: New patch change log.

      Initial thoughts after playing a couple of games...

      T1/T3 blitz will be the flavor of the month with this patch. Lots of storms with shreck's and dual tigers with a puma or 2 thrown into the mix.

      T2/T4 defensive will be ok.

      Allies will more or less be now pigeonholed into tri-speccing for WSC/Rax/MP and going armored for the pershing. MP for AT guns and a halftrack for reinforcing. Basically a mainly infantry-based army. Airborne got enough of a nerf that the left half of airborne is almost to costly now to use, and the right half doesnt give enough of an advantage to be worthwhile.

      I am saddened that infantry/terror didnt get any apparent buff's, although that remains to be seen in practice. Zeal/IS are nice, but holding on until you get the Tiger Ace isn't a particularly fun game.

      The barbed wire changes are the nicest part, no longer is this a game about rushing to wire off area's then ignore them for 5-10 minutes. (both sides get wire-cutters at the start, although units take more damage while cutting wire.) Now wire will be as intended to just slow people down and create kill-zones, not about map control as it was in 1.5


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        Re: New patch change log.

        Wow wire sure is quite the change, but Stormtoopers and shreks is what i do :D
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          Re: New patch change log.

          Sounds like a good patch. Ill certainly get back into this game come this weekend :)


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            Re: New patch change log.

            A more in-depth review:

            T1/T3 blitz is a solid strat now, OP a high fuel and you are golden. You force the allies to get stickies early on, especially if you invest in veterancy early on which slows down both BAR's and MP unit's. If he OP's his high fuel you are in a tech race..

            I have been toying with T2/Vet/Terror, and had some mixed result's. Zeal/IA are wonderful counters to allied infantry, so long as you can garrison your troops otherwise they offer little tangible gains. I actually won the tiger ace/pershing race 2/3 times using my extra munitions on mines!.

            Allies are tending to tri-spec, as they absolutely need the HMG with AP rounds to fight off the fast puma if they didnt race to MP.

            The croc is far from useless post-1.6, but it is not the auto-win it used to be. The airborne/TD strat is defintely easier for the axis to counter now, but you have to prepare for it to counter it. (before you could prepare for it and still loose to it due to those damned flame crits)

            The changes to the airborne tree were needed, but now I think either airborne needs to be more powerful vs. straight infantry, or they need to reduce the reinforcement cost. AB is very Manpower-intensive overall now unless you stick to the Right hand side of the tree, and then it is munitions-heavy.

            Infantry left hand side still needs some work, the off map combat group needs to be tweaked to give some mixture of rangers and M10's.

            The wire changes: wire is far from worthless, but it's main use has changed. Wire used to be about territory denial in the early game, now it is what it should be, a method of creating kill zones, nothing more or less. Wire off area's now to avoid being flanked, and you wont be if you just keep a eng squad near the wire.

            Overall very good changes, but I still think LHS of infantry and RHS of terror need some lovin'.


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              Re: New patch change log.

              Looks like a good patch. :)


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                Re: New patch change log.

                I'm finally going to try getting back into CoH. I really like the barbed wire balance. Part of what drove me to frustration with the game originally is that the early game was simply a race to set wire, with the winner basically controlling early game resources until the other guy could afford cutters.
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