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  • Another Long CoH AAR

    10-9-07 Approx 9:30 p.m. Pacific
    Morganan and I teamed up with a pub player named NeonGreenFrog (potential TG recruitment) as the Axis on the 3v3 Monterme map. Our opponents went with 2 American and one British armies against our two Whermacht and one PE (Morganan). Our strategy was to prevent their British units from gaining control of the middle section of the map. This area proved to be the sweet spot for British artillery, mortar, and AT emplacements in a previous match in which Morganan, IMI50, and myself couldn’t penetrate once this strategy was implemented. Fortunately, we didn’t run into this situation. Our two opponents in the north turned out to be American, which Morganan and I spent the whole round going toe to toe against for control points primarily just north of the canal.

    After about 10 mins into the round, Morganan and I dominated them. A huge part of our success was how we combined each factions strengths. Morganan’s PE forces had early mobility, while my Whermacht forces had fire power with MG’s and Snipers.

    The Americans forces had one goal: ranger/infantry spam. It was apparent that they abandoned the far northern section of the map with the intention of swarming our defense down south with their combined arms of rangers and infantry. They spiced it up with a mortar team and an MG squad, but they must’ve been pretty disappointed when our mobile halftracks (courtesy of Morganan) and MG/Volk squads combination were there to greet them every single time. They advanced at least three large waves on our waiting troops. Their losses were significant each time.

    They decided to shift north late in the game. Morgan quickly mobilized his half tracks and carried his ground troops to stop their desperate attempt. When I saw this, I immediately sent everything I had into the closest base gambling on the thought that our opponents were throwing everything they had in the north. This inclination proved true and one by one their buildings came down. It was over soon after.

    As for our pal, NeonFroggy, well he did some impressive maneuvers in the south as well. I’ll post the replay shortly for anyone that might be interested. Kudos to both guys on an exciting match.
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    Re: Another Long CoH AAR

    Ya, it was a good game on our part. I went with a quick tech to Kampgroup (T2) and as soon as I had a HT I threw 2 grenadier squads in there and moved right to their strat point and cut them off. Then we took out their secondary strong point near the old church which really forced them to come at us instead of try anything fancy.

    They tried to flank that point 3 times but all 3 times they were pushed back which made a a direct assault their only option. Their team had to live off 1 +5 fuel and 1 +5 munitions due to us cutting that point and holding it..

    Dual rangers? pfft. The PE halftracks at defensive vet 2 have 25% more hp's and 25% increased speed. Plug in offensive vet squads and you have a ranger-killer. I added in group zeal and 1 Marder3/1 Armored Car and a single hummel from scorched earth doctrine. (I honestly wanted to go tank-busters for the Jagdpanther) My main forces were Upgraded grenadiers of varying types and infantry HalfTracks along with a pair of mortar halftracks.

    It was a good game on our part they simply didn't expect the rush to their Strat point.


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      Re: Another Long CoH AAR

      Originally posted by Morganan View Post
      ...Dual rangers? pfft....
      Lol...exactly. That could've been overwhelming if we weren't both there at the right time. Good times. CoH is still the greatest RTS in my opinion.

      Here's the replay file if anyone is interested:

      Notice how Neon Frog handles the Brits on the southern end. He lost the control point at the start. But he slowly crept up on the crews garrisoned in the buildings defending the control point. Nice little battle going on down there.




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