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AAR COH Match Up Night 1-24-08

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  • AAR COH Match Up Night 1-24-08

    Morganan, Sgt York, Tempus and I got together for our CoH match night last night. Unfortunately, there were some connection issues from the start. It took us a few trys to get everyone in game. This was very unusual, hopefully Relic is tinkering with their servers to make it run better. That said, the games played were brief, fun and competitive. Our first two games were 2v2 with York and Morganan (Axis) against Tempus and I (Allies) on Rails and Metal. In our first game, my plan at the start was to have my American units secure the fuel and victory points near the building cover on the southeast side just outside Sgt York’s base. While I pushed, Tempus setup his British forces in the center for support.

    I spotted York’s PE grenadier units occupying the key building overwatching the fuel and victory points that I intended to take. Rather than engage the garrisoned PE unit, I simply bypassed him and took the key control point next to his base. This essentially cut off the fuel point he secured. It turned out that while I was doing this Morganan was able sneak an MG squad by my units and added the MG to York’s occupied building. My units were pinned. I panicked and retreated. I was too focused on what I was doing; had I taken a second to assess the map I would’ve seen that Tempus’ units were dug in a trench picking off Morganan’s MG unit. Morganan MG couldn’t compete against trenched units so he had to retreat them out of the building. Once he was out, Tempus was able to march in and take the resources relatively uncontested.

    After regrouping at my base, my next plan was to take the resource points on the southwest. I encountered light resistance from scattered pioneer units. They quickly retreated since they were outnumbered by my 2 infantry + 2engineer combo. I took the resource points, forcing Morganan to pull back what he had on York side to stop my advance. While this was going on Tempus’ British units continued to hold York’s forces from breaking through. Unfortunately, not long after, York dropped connection. We tried to get another game on but York quickly dropped again.

    York elected to sit out for our last match so Morganan, Tempus and I teamed up to play as allies on the Schieldt (?). This map is a choke point-arty lovers dream with two large areas connected by destructible bridges on the north and south end and a small island connected in the middle. We had a good start. Morganan and Tempus concentrated on the island while I controlled the southern bridge- preventing our opponents from closing it off w/ tank traps and/or blowing it up. My plan was to keep the bridge open as I made a quick tech to M8’s and shermans. Keeping the bridge up was essential to get these across and into their bases. All was going well and dandy until Morganan dropped. Tempus and I couldn’t hold our opponents back without Morganan’s assistance. We slowly lost our advantage and eventually the game. One thing that I walked away from that game was new respect for the German flame bombs/walking stukas that our enemies were using against us. My goodness, they just decimated our squads. Mucho impressive.

    All in all it was another exciting night playing CoH. Problem with the connections was abnormal and hope it gets resolved soon.

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    Re: AAR COH Match Up Night 1-24-08

    Thanks for putting it together. I had fun nonetheless. Hopefully we can do it again.

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