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FYI: Pop Cap Bug Fixed Today.

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  • FYI: Pop Cap Bug Fixed Today.

    From their website...

    We’re in the process of going live with a new patch for Dawn of War II. Today’s game update is aimed at resolving a population cap bug that you’re all likely well aware of. Many thanks for your patience as we worked on getting a fix in for this and tested:

    Patch Size: 150MB

    Patch Notes:

    PvP Gameplay

    • Addressed a Population Cap issue where during reinforcement, the final unit reinforced charged twice the population cap to the player. *NOTE* – This is part of 1 of a 2 part fix. There are still a few edge cases where the bug could occur. They are however, rare and require intended exploitation in order to recreate. Our next patch will completely resolve this issue but requires further testing and certification.


    • Fixed an issue where users with the top end video cards were unable to select Ultra settings


    • Fixed a Fatal Scar error in Mission D (Angel Forge)

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    Re: FYI: Pop Cap Bug Fixed Today.

    Never noticed this, and it somehow bugged my steam loader so I couldn't load it before now...

    Good thing though that they keep updates coming, still experience some crashes with ultra graphics >.<


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      Re: FYI: Pop Cap Bug Fixed Today.

      Omg they fixed it yyyyeeeesssss!!!!

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        Re: FYI: Pop Cap Bug Fixed Today.

        and there go all the old replays :(

        hopefully the pop cap bug is completely gone, no more running around with 3 tattered Tac squads at the end of the game
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          Re: FYI: Pop Cap Bug Fixed Today.

          Wow, shows how much I know...I didn't even notice the cap bug....




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