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    is the biggest %#@%^%# fail ive ever seen. ive played 6 games in the past 2 weeks, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ended up with SUPER IMBALENCE. 2 TS 10 and 1 TS 4 vs 2TS 30 and 1 ts7 or something else stupid like that. Better yet, players are TS 30+ on 1v1 or 3v3, but for 2v2 they are only level 4 so they get to play with easier players. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS. They act like players are uncapable of finding games on their own like starcraft. and it even adds windows live. Why dont they make a real patch that ELIMINATES MATCHMAKING AND WINDOWS LIVE. Maybe then something good will happen.


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    Re: matchmaking

    Well, I think the matchmaking is supposed to work similar to a way like Gears of War 2 and Halo 3, as well as most games based on Trueskill, in that the game first tries to match you with players as close to your TS as possible. Failing that, it keeps expanding the range further and further out over time until it pretty much picks anybody that could fill the game to get started. At least that's how it's supposed to work. They don't want you to find your own game because it is a ranked ladder, and it would be even more exploitable (As it already is to a point) if you could just pick your own games. Of course, there are unranked custom games where you can pick your own games, but they don't count for anything other than fun.

    If you think there's multiplayer problems here, you should try Demigod. (Actually you really shouldn't, at least yet...)
    I'm not saying it's a perfect system by any means, but I don't personally feel it works out too badly compared to other systems.
    Also, Dawn of War 1 has some seriously bad matchmaking problems using the Gamespy engine, so comparatively this is not as bad as that, either.
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      Re: matchmaking

      The thing about the matchmaking is it takes time for the game to find your "true" skill so your first 20 or so games are picked at random. From that it tries to guess your true skill.. Now in theory this sounds cool but what throws it out the window is parties. For some odd and evil reason the game loves to put parties against 3 random people. Why? No idea but even if you have 3 people with moderate true skill in a party go against 3 random people with high true skill the party wins.... Its that coordination and teamwork that being in a party provides that makes worlds of difference.

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