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  • The last Stand Contest

    With The last stand being released on 14 October, there is a nice contest going.

    Grab a couple of friends and prepare to make the charge to the final wave in The Last Stand! Good luck everyone.

    The Last Stand consists of twenty waves of enemies. This contest is about surviving the brutal onslaught and being the first to reach the epic twentieth wave. We will reward the brave heroes who reach the twentieth wave and are the first to provide screenshot evidence of what the final wave consists of. Here are the details on how you can be rewarded:

    How to enter:

    1. Play The Last Stand, to be released on October 14, and reach the final wave. Take a screenshot of the final wave. Screenshots must include the game’s user interface.
    2. You will need to host your screenshot so you can post it in our forum. ImageShack is an example of a free image hosting site:
    3. Once your screenshot has been hosted, simply post it in this forum thread:
    4. We will then confirm and declare a winner on the front page of our DOW II Community site.


    Each member of the winning team will receive:

    1. A Dawn of War II poster signed by the development team.
    2. A Chaos miniature.
    3. A Dawn of War II t-shirt
    So Anyone want to get a team together and win some prizes :D

    My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
    So I'm a very skilled deep hole :D

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    Re: The last Stand Contest

    I would love to do this but winning is impossible here as there will always be ''those guys'' who play the first 24hours of the release and win.

    But I'll give it a shot when it comes out anyway, I love the looks of this!


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      Re: The last Stand Contest

      I'm up for it


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        Re: The last Stand Contest

        Yeah it will probably be done by someone "hardcore" enough on the first day. In any event this mode is going to rock so I can't wait for tomorrow.
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