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Are tank commanders idiots or am I doing something wrong?

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  • Are tank commanders idiots or am I doing something wrong?

    I've been playing the skirmish of MOW:AS. It seems like every time I leave a tank alone for a few minutes to do things on a different side of the map I come back to a burnt out tank. I try and leave the tank in a semi covered position with its front towards the enemy advance. I always have an infantry squad positioned around the tank and scouts ahead so that the enemy movement is known at a distance. What other things can I do to help the longevity of my tanks when I'm not directly watching out for them?

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    Re: Are tank commanders idiots or am I doing something wrong?

    Typically what will kill your tanks in skirmish is the AT guns or enemy tanks. With those you need to know what is shooting at you and whether your tank can withstand that threat. You'll have to ask yourself questions like these before engaging or being in range of those threats:

    What range does that AT gun or tank have? Can my tank outrange this threat?
    How much penetration power does that AT gun or tank have? (can it kill me or can my armor take the hits)
    How much armor does that tank have? (can I kill it and from what angle)
    Is my tank better than the enemy tank?

    The answer to those questions come from experience playing the game, specifically multiplayer where you can read the stats of all the units in the game. Come join us in TS draeh.:)

    Most of the skirmishes are very similar. First you need to grab a mortar and then support the initial infantry pushes. Once you grab the point that provides AT guns you should get 2 of those and a tank or two rolled out to stop their armor advances that start occuring. Eventually about halfway to two-thirds through you start running into heavy AT emplacements, artillery and heavier tanks. Often you can hold off their advance but will have trouble advancing yourself until some form of artillery takes down their heavy AT guns and arty.




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