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Men of War Game Overview

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  • Men of War Game Overview

    Men of War is not a new game, but it is new to many players at TG who started playing over the last six months. Here is an overview of the game from the main Men of War website. You can find more detailed information there, but here is a little taste of the game so hopefully you may want to try something new and different from what you may have played before. The core game also has many free mods you can apply to the game so you can enjoy many different scenarios. MP mode at TG has been growing in popularity over the last 3 months. The game may seem a bit overwhelming at first due to the depth of control you can have but the more you play the easier it gets once you learn the basics. Don't worry about being an expert, we are all learning together. Come join us in TS to have some fun.


    Men of War takes place in Europe and North Africa during the height of World War II. The story takes place over three different campaigns and players take on the role of Soviet, Allied and German soldiers. Each campaign has its own scenario and structured time line, which brings different elements of the war to life.

    The game features hundreds of accurately modelled historical tanks and vehicles — including new designs of tanks, APCs and heavy guns — all of which are ready for your command. Dynamic in-game cutscenes enhance the single-player by telling the plot, without pulling the player out of the game experience. What's more, the sounds of war have been given a new lease of life, with more than 1,000 sounds effects of weapons and combat gear; all recorded under real operating conditions.

    The single-player campaign also features a customisable user-interface, so players can have the command controls laid out in their own style. One of the biggest changes for Men of War is the inclusion of a comprehensive multiplayer, featuring new maps and modes, including Capture the Flag, High-Value Cargo and more. Also, there's a refined rating system to ensure a fair fight in online multiplayer battles.

    Game Features

    Main features

    * Complex damage engine which allows game objects to be damaged on multiple levels
    * Comprehensive cover system
    * Precision system of vision that takes into account window, walls, bushes, etc.
    * Detailed damage system of vehicles and structures, along with ballistic calculation of bullets and shell trajectories
    * Direct control of any unit
    * Dynamic landscape, which can be deformed by explosions
    * Soft „fog of war“
    * Breakable ice
    * Volumetric highly detailed grass
    * Wide assortment of firearms, along with ground, water and air vehicles


    * Glare/bloom effect that gives improved smoothness to graphics
    * Bump-mapping to highlight small details of vehicles and structures
    * Water reflections (e.g. sky and objects)
    * Masked specular lighting for brilliant surfaces (e.g. metal)
    * Mask environment mapping for reflecting surfaces
    * Cross/self-shadowing for objects and ground
    * Multi-texturing of complex objects, including pre-generated light maps


    The AI-engine that powers Men of War has been in development for several years, which means battles are now unpredictable and extremely thrilling. AI Opponents plan their tactics and take into account a range of different influences, including: number of troops, weapons, ammunition, health, presence of cover and even morale. Alongside this players can also engage in reconnaissance and change the clothes or camouflage of their soldiers to fit the situation. However, the balanced difficulty means that both casual and hardcore players will enjoy the epic battles — which can potentially feature up to 30 units from each side.


    The physics engine in Men of War is unlike any other real-time strategy game for a variety of different reasons. For example, you can destroy the large buildings that are spread around each map — some of which tower over your troops. In fact, many first-person shooters would be envious of the detailed physics engine in Men of War. This is because each bullet or shell is affected by real physical laws and takes into account such elements as: distance, type of bullet, hit point and so on. There are also some stand out Hollywood-style action moments as explosions from fuel tanks or vehicles explode in massive balls of flame.

    Special effects

    In Men of War it was important to make the special effects as realistic as possible. Whether it's an explosion, splashes in water, dust, fire, smoke, tracks or the movement of loose snow, the sense of realism is incredible and very cinematic. This has been achieved by using very high-quality art material and different particle effects.


    The free camera — which allows you to adjust the height, angle and degree — ensures that players can choose the perfect view to oversee their army. The use of detailed textures and animations also ensures that you can zoom extremely close to the action without losing any detail or graphical quality. When zooming in large structures become translucent to ensure that troops do not disappear. This is extremely useful when fighting in built-up areas.

    Damaging system
    The realistic damage system in Men of War makes combat seem extremely life-like and adds an extra layer of tactics. For example, a tank that has its thick armour hit front on by a shell will hardly be damaged. However, an anti-tank grenade accurately thrown into the engine can cause a great deal of damage. Although, it's not all bad, and if you have a repair kit, it's possible to fix any vehicles that haven't been totally destroyed.

    Players have a range of different vehicles and weapons they can use to take out the enemy. A few include: automatic rifles, machine guns, jet grenade launchers, jeeps, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, armoured cars and many others. All these are modelled on detailed drawings of real combat vehicles, which adds to the overall realism in Men of War.

    Troops and shelters
    Troops of soldiers are the basic unit in game. The commander is indicated by a yellow marker, while ordinary soldiers are green. Meanwhile, units that aren't assigned to a squad are coloured grey until they're recruited by a commander. You can appoint commanders yourself, as well as include or exclude particular soldiers and even control separate units. Practically any object can be used by ground troops as a shelter from enemy fire and a handy icon demonstrates exactly how units will use shelter when moving.

    One of the most exciting features in Men of War is the inclusion of an inventory for each vehicle and solider. The player can search the bodies of fallen comrades, enemies or even vehicles to find useful items, like a grenade launcher or a high-powered sniper rifle. At any time the inventory can be opened up, so that items can be swapped around or removed entirely to make room for more important objects.

    Placing mines
    As a nasty surprise for any attacking troops, players can place anti-tank or anti-infantry mines along potential routes. Although this tactic might not be commonplace in the single-player, when playing with others in multiplayer it can become the ace up a skilled commander's sleeve.

    The chance of success or failure in Men of War depends not only on the size of a player's army but also the correct choice of tactics during key moments in a battle. For example using a Sherman tank may potentially tip the fight but you've always got to ensure enemy soldiers aren't armed with anti-tank grenades. What's more cover can be destroyed by heavy fire, so a house that may seem like a perfect defense position one moment, can be leveled by tank fire the next — killing any soldiers hiding inside


    * More than 50 available units

    * A variety of modes, including „capture the flag“ and „high-value cargo“

    * Comprehensive ratings and stats for every player

    * A brand new nation to play: Japan (comes with a free patch)

    * Up to 16 players via LAN or Internet

    * Co-operative campaigns

    * Varied and challenging multiplayer maps

    * Balanced gameplay that ensures a fair fight

    * Dedicated network of servers, allowing any player to host a game

    Don't forget to patch your game if you installed it from DVD or D2D.
    You can get a link to the full Download patch Full version (183 Mb) here.

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    Re: Men of War Game Overview

    If you own this on Steam, you'll also need to "manually patch" the game as well. I don't think the official patch ever made it to Steam, and the dev's were not sure why.

    You'll have to download the full patch, and extract the contents of the patch via Universal Extractor. Once you have those files extracted, you then must goto your MoW directory in Steam, (X:\XXXXX\steam\steamapps\common\men of war) and manually copy the files and overwrite. Once you do this, you should be updated 100% and ready to play!


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      Re: Men of War Game Overview

      Originally posted by UnDeaD View Post
      If you own this on Steam, you'll also need to "manually patch" the game as well. I don't think the official patch ever made it to Steam, and the dev's were not sure why.
      After 'applying' the patch as you suggest, how do I know its up to When I run the game it still says '1.17.5'.


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        Re: Men of War Game Overview

        Originally posted by draeh View Post
        After 'applying' the patch as you suggest, how do I know its up to When I run the game it still says '1.17.5'.
        A fast test will be to try and join a MP game. Once you are in the lobby, all of the games in green are open to fill. If you do not have the right version it will give you a sync error. Another may be if you see a double row of barbed wire across the title screen. That was added to my game after I patched.


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          Re: Men of War Game Overview

          Steam seems to be up to date for me, been able to play online without having to patch manually

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